Monday, 26 July 2021

A view through glass - with a proper camera

Thank you for such lovely, lovely comments about the goldfinches enjoying our 'mini-meadow'. They encouraged me to make the effort and get the Canon camera out this morning - but I still need to clean the window (which is my excuse for the lack of sharpness in a couple of the pictures).

Hope this makes it easier for you to see these beautiful little birds (the pictures should enlarge if you click).

Sunday, 25 July 2021

A view through glass

This was the view a little while ago through the (needs to be cleaned) bedroom window. Yes I know I am very fortunate, yes I know I have a big garden, but none of this came for free and there is blood, sweat, tears and pain in every flowerbed.

But the point is not to show you the view, which is wonderful, or the mini-meadow as the yellow-rattle sets seed, which is wonderful, but to try to capture three baby Goldfinches who were busy having a breakfast of fresh seed.

Cropping and enlarging a phone-photo does nothing for the quality but at least you can now make out what delayed my shower for a good ten minutes. (Click on the pictures to see them much larger.)

Saturday, 24 July 2021

Becca Meyers

There are no words to convey how disgusted I was to see this:

Whoever is responsible for this ludicrous decision needs to be sacked and never allowed to work in sport again.

Friday, 23 July 2021

A few more finishes

Oops (again). This was half-written at the end of June, then disappeared into the "out of sight out of mind" folder. Another blog post which progressed about as fast as my dressmaking abilities πŸ˜„

I would be the first to agree with you that 1½ days spent working out how to change the waistband on these trousers might not have been the normal thing to do. Normal people would have consigned these old pants to a landfill - there are a couple of 'dubious' small stains on the front and a big patch on the bum where I've worn the fabric out. I am not 'normal people' - I think we established that many years ago.

Apart from having breathed new life into a much loved old pair of trousers I take perverse pleasure in repairing something which others would have seen as trash, and making them even more comfortable than before is icing on the top of a very tasty cake. πŸ˜‰

(and I have just noticed how many pin scratches there are on the bed of my machine . . . poor thing, it's had a hard life!)

Once I had ironed out the construction details, doing the same to two further pairs was a very good use of a cold, damp afternoon where it was not nice enough to garden. Yes, in the third week of June it was cold - which given our current heatwave seems like a distant memory but there you are. Weather patterns on our tiny little planet are changing, and changing fast. They have been for many years but politicians haven't wanted to face up to what is happening and 'joined up thinking' with all inhabitants of our little rock is unlikely, no matter what they are claim at various climate summits.

Of course, now finished the lovely soft jersey waistbands are far too hot for the this week! Around 4.00pm today the heating thermostat (which had been put in a shady room) registered 30 ΒΊ (so much more comfortable than the greenhouse πŸ€ͺ 😱) although it did cool down a tad when I moved it to take a picture.

The final bit of sewing for this post is a duvet cover. I discovered a tiny ( ¼" ) nick in the fabric and could have darned it fairly invisibly. But this hexagon looks much more interesting. πŸ˜‰

Wednesday, 21 July 2021


Just in from watering the greenhouse - for the second time today:

Notwithstanding all the dirt (definitely not an Instagram-ready-photo!) the thermometer had been placed in what I thought was a shady/sheltered part of the greenhouse and this was the temperature at 3.15pm. It is still 86 degrees at nearly 8.00pm although I am not complaining - in pre-Brexit days I would occasionally entertain the fantasy about running away to somewhere with a much warmer climate than West Cumbria. I like warmth, I hate being cold, and I am going to enjoy this whilst it lasts. I do have massive sympathy for anyone working full time, and those who do not have the luxury of a garden. Bag End is big enough that there is always a shady spot to be found, and I have spent all afternoon with my Kindle in one of them.

However you are keeping cool, take care of yourselves.

Monday, 19 July 2021


Oh for goodness sake, how did I manage to miss an entire month of blogging?

Not honestly sure? Maybe a big case of "can't-be'bothered-itis" accompanied by not feeling I had much to say, and certainly nothing new to share. Bag End life is quiet and mostly predictable, and whilst today might be 'Freedom Day " (or FreeDUMB Day depending upon your opinion of the Government's decisions) nothing much will change here. I will still wear a mask when I am shopping, make sure my hands are clean, and we don't do foreign travel or crowded pubs in normal times so we are not going to start now.

It is not possible to catch up with four weeks in one post, so I won't (but at least I have a backlog of garden activity if I ever need to draw on my photo archive, ha ha). There has been a little bit more sewing (clothing alterations, not photogenic!), much sitting in the sun with my Kindle and a lot of garden tidying up and enjoying watching the wildlife who call this place home/24 hour restaurant.

During the hottest period of the year so far we are both working on a massive overhaul of the area next to the Big Pond, but for now here are a few pretty pictures and a "hello, I am back, and I do hope you are all well".