Thursday, 24 December 2020

Ending and Begining

The 'winter snuggly sofa quilt' as it is now known is finished. The binding went on really well and it is lovely to have the quilt completed so quickly.  Maybe this "quilt it as soon as you finish piecing it" plan might work out?

With that done I could get straight on with the next quilt. Do you remember a mad weekend in October 2019 when I made foundation paper strips of a huge collection of soft homespun-type fabric? (link at bottom because Blogger is being a pain in the rear!)

Those strips have been in and out of their box numerous times over the last year, but finally I knew what they wanted to become and have made much progress from this:

to this:

With the bulk of the piecing (the strip sections) already done, this little top is growing extremely fast. I had thought about another wander at Whinlatter today but changed my mind - when I went out to bring in the just emptied dustbin I realised how much ice there is this morning and to be honest, I do not fancy negotiating the Whinlatter pass road in slippery conditions and I am not in the mood to get thoroughly freezing cold if I do not have to. 

Back to the sewing machine . . . all the while realising how incredibly fortunate I am to be able to hunker down and sew when all over the country we seem to be sliding into a train wreck of previously unimaginable proportions.

Wherever you are, stay safe, stay warm, and stay in touch. 💚 🤗 💚 


This might be a link to the homespun strips, it might also be the last post I ever make if I cannot work my way through how Blogger have set up the HTML in their new optimised world 🤬 ☢️ 😫 🤯.  

I had thought over the past months that maybe so many of my favourite bloggers had stopped posting because they were up-to-their-eyeballs in coping with the pandemic, I now wonder if - like me - they are just as frustrated as heck at the difficulty in getting our posts to look how we want, rather than how Blogger want them to be.


Monday, 21 December 2020

Happy New Year

Tentatively . . . toe dipping back into blog world.  Whilst not in line with the Gregorian calendar, for those of a more Pagan persuasian:  Happy New Year.  I marked the occasion by a soggy walk around Whinlatter, my first visit since Daisy's death.

I have kept away from my blog for the past few months for many reasons, a couple of which include the inability to open my mouth at present without getting into a rant about how the pandemic is being handled and lack of desire to fight my way through Blogger's latest design changes. I confess the last 30 minutes dealing with the HTML to get the photos where I want them has not been the best half hour of my day and the refusal of Safari to accept my Blogger sign-in does not help either.  So we shall see, no guarantees expressed or implied, but I am here today.

Life at Bag End has been quiet in the extreme since I tossed my teddy out of the pram back in August.  I have had the occasional day trip in Bill which has been lovely, and spent a good amount of time playing with fabric.  For the first time in eons everything pieced is also quilted and I am aiming to make that my new "rule": as soon as a top is pieced it goes onto the longarm machine before I allow myself to dive into the next flurry of fabric love.  The most recent was something of a bear to wrangle - I used 'proper' old-fashioned brushed cotton which has made the most cuddly, soft and incredibly warm quilt, but the extra bulk from the thickness of the material is not something I am going to repeat in a hurry.  I am looking forward to washing this one because it will improve from being wrinkled up.

Absolutely nothing has happened in the garden, in equal parts because my mood has not been great and I just "can't be ***ed",  and because it started raining in early October and I am not sure it has finished yet - whilst my walk this morning was dry the rain started when I got home and has not stopped since. Experience tells me that this is a normal state of affairs and that come February/March I will be able to garden again.  


We are in Tier 2 as far as pandemic precautions are concerned, and with no family to visit life is relatively unaffected by the newest restrictions.  I took the precaution a couple of weeks of buying all the non-perishable food we might want over the holiday, and am very fortunate to have a full freezer.  Tomorrow I plan go to Sainsbury's first thing for fresh vegetables but with tonight's media already touting the prospect of shortages of fresh items and thereby whipping people up into even more worry than already exists, heaven knows what it will be like.

Decorations are up: our nearest town has a big Christmas Light Switch On each year with lots of charity fund-raising and with that cancelled it was suggested in our village that as many people as possible put decorations outside so that families could have socially distanced "walk arounds".  Apparently more than 130 houses signed up and one or two have put on displays which would rival Blackpool 😁🎄🎄😁, but these two were particularly nice.

Our own contribution is considerably more restrained and inside looks very much as it usually does.

Aside from that our Christmas is quiet, unassuming, and I will be glad when it is all over.  I hope whatever shape yours takes gives you some joy even though it has to be different from how you might normally spend it.