Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Comments are closed

The current generation of pornographic spam has gone far above my tolerance level - during the process of deletion it's impossible not to take in a few of the disgusting words and I refuse to engage with it any more.

This filth serves no purpose therefore as I am not publishing new posts at present comments are closed.  That should stop the miserable little s*ds.

If any real readers want to get in touch I am always delighted to receive messages via the "gadget" on the right-hand side, which still works.

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Summer Holiday

All is well . . .   as well as it can be in a world full of a pandemic whose viral spread is not slowing down anytime soon and whose economic stability is in question.

But in my little world all is well because there is absolutely nothing I can change by worrying, so I am not worrying and if I am not worrying then all is well 😊.

At present we are both robustly healthy, have enough food, and a warm & safe home to shelter us.   If the pandemic does any good it might be to show millions of consumers that enough is just that: enough and more is not necessarily going to make them any happier or safer.

I am busy sewing, and gardening, and reading.  Yes I would like to be away in the campervan but in truth I normally avoid campsites in August and wait until the kids go back to school.  Which is what I am hoping to do this year - assuming come September we're not in lockdown again?  That eventuality is out of my hands so it's one more thing I am not going to worry about.

The other thing I am not going to worry about for a while is updating the blog.  I need a Summer Holiday from sorting photos, processing, publishing and all that blog maintenance entails.

So Au Revior, Addio,  Mar sin leat,  Adiós,  Hwyl fawr . 
Take care of yourselves and I will see you sometime in the future🤗