Sunday, 12 January 2020

An hour in the Coppice

Just one hour today, I even set an alarm on my phone to ensure I stayed within my self-imposed 60 minute limit and took advantage of a brief clear spell - tomorrow's forecast is atrocious.  I cleared and mulched a small section in the Coppice, maybe no more than two metres but very enjoyable nonetheless.

Let's do this backwards, first the 'after' pictures:

And a much brighter shot of what I achieved during the week:

Looking around the rest of the Coppice, almost everything is either covered in fallen leaves, or last year's decayed foliage, or in the case of the Euphorbia, old flower stems I never cut back.  2019 was not a year where the garden received more than perfunctory attention, I hope I can do better in 2020 because the plants deserve more care.

For those who live with the misguided idea that Bag End is a beautiful garden which always looks immaculate - {{snort of derision}} - do not believe all you see on social media.

Blog comments:  thanks to Jessica and SustainableMum I could fix the problem.  But we have had the stuffing knocked out of us today, and I just do not have the heart to do so right this moment.

On Tuesday afternoon I had tea with a lovely neighbour, mad as a box of frogs but always excellent company - intelligent, articulate, erudite, widely read.  We did not always agree but he was a rare soul with whom you could discuss world events & politics and differences of opinion caused no divide.  One of the bonuses of having an 81 year-old brainiac as a friend.

At 7.00am on Wednesday morning he was off to Carlisle for major surgery - having faced the Sophie's Choice of "50% chance of surviving the operation, 100% chance of dying without it".  He passed away last night without ever regaining consciousness.

We were not an integral part of each others lives, sometimes weeks would pass between debates and discourse, but I cannot quite believe I am never going to talk to him again.


  1. Oh my word what a shock. Such a final thing. That will have knocked you sideways I am sure. xxxx

  2. So sorry to hear about your friend. Sudden is always a shock

  3. Dear Jayne
    I am so sorry to hear your news. One of the worst things about losing someone is realising you won't be able to have a conversation with them and hear their voice again. When their death comes as a shock, it is even worse.
    My thoughts are with you.
    I have been in the garden today too, cutting the old hellebore leaves. It was lovely to be out there again, even if it was only briefly.
    Best wishes

  4. Oh Jayne I am so sorry to hear this. What a shock, I am glad to hear that you were able to have one last conversation with him although that probably is not much solace now. Gentle steps and look after yourself x

  5. I'm so sorry to read this, we still miss our dear neighbour Winn, its been 2 years, they were a brilliant generation.

  6. I'm so sorry to read this, Jayne. It must have been a dreadful shock. X

  7. Sorry for the loss of your friend. The poor man didn't have much choice, he had to go for it. My own brother has been in Carlisle hospital since before Christmas and is having his 2nd surgery sometime today. Unfortunately they don't have a very good reputation, but in an emergency you don't have much choice.

  8. Only just realised you posted this yesterday. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend, it must be a such a sad shock for you. Not much consolation I know but it's good that you got to have tea and conversation with him just recently. Take care x

  9. Oh gosh, that just sounds so sad. We always sort of assume there will be a good outcome don't we! Thank goodness you were able to spend some quality time with him before he went for his operation.

  10. Oh my dear, so sorry to learn of your loss and the world's loss of such an intellect with insight and willing to share it. Would that the world held more. I feel the Force diminished. (hugs)

  11. Jan. 18

    Glad you can comment again.

    "Knock on wood" I never seem to have any of these "something-doesn't-play-nicely-with-something-else" issues. I use a very old iMac, which can add any new things. And I use Firefox. All of which, are old. But they seem to work well, with Blogger.

    Word Press and something else, I have to jump through hoops, to be able to comment. And so, I simply can not.

    But thankfully, there are enough, who use good ol' Blogger!!!!!

    Thank you for liking to see photos of my own... Of inside our house, for instance. Actually, winter over here, does not give many photo opps. Except for snow, which is coming!!!! But then, snow is white. Lovely but how many pics of snow, does want to see???? -smile-

    Anyway, glad you fixed your comment issues!



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