Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Goodbye 2019

Goodbye 2019, and good riddance.

I am so very, very glad to see the back of you.
You were unkind and you hurt me badly.

You were cruel in ways that were not necessary.
You inflicted pain that was truly not deserved.

You caused distress and suffering where it was not warranted.
You took too much and gave very little in return.

Be gone and good riddance.
You do not deserve any more of my time or attention.

You are an Annus Horribilis and I will not be looking back on you with anything but sadness and regret.

I am going to bed now and I do not want to see you again.


  1. My sweet, look forward and not back, the new year is like an empty book and you hold the pen. Write yourself a lovely 2020 xx see you soon xx

  2. Lovely photos to remember Daisy - I hope 2020 is a much kinder and happier year for you x

  3. A Happy New Year to you, Jayne. May this one be kinder to you. Xx

  4. Wishing you good things for 2020 xx Debbie.

  5. Beautiful photos. Happy New Year to you, I hope that 2020 is filled with happy memories.

  6. Lovely photos of Daisy. Wishing you a better 2020.

  7. Dear Jayne
    Here's to a happier and more settled year ahead.
    Best wishes for 2020

  8. Here's to a much happier year ahead Jayne.

  9. Best attitude to have!!!!!!

    Wishing you,
    a Happy, Healthy,
    and Joyful New Year!

  10. I felt just the same last night. This morning with the sun shining and a new month, year and decade to look forward to I felt a little bit better.

    The year 2019 took so much from so many of us and our little furry friends and the people we lost are greatly missed.

    I wish you all the very best for this fresh new year. May the blank pages and the hope of the days ahead help heal the wounds left by one of the cruellest years for a while. Xxx

  11. May this new year be soothing and bring you plenty of joyful moments that will help you turn the page on sad and cruel 2019.Best wishes for you and your beloved ones, Jayne!


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