Sunday, 17 March 2019

Weather dependent

The only 'normal' thing about our life at present is that what we do is totally dictated by the ever-changing weather.

(the pale clouds to the right of the rainbow above - snow!)

The glorious "Sham" Spring that we enjoyed in February is a memory, and it seems that every day in March has followed the same unpleasant pattern of wind, rain, hail and a brief burst of sunshine, only to be followed minutes later by more of the same, in differing amounts and a random order.  The wind has made it very cold and when it's like this outside I don't even want to go in the greenhouse.

Over the last few days I have sewn binding onto all the little quilts which were longarmed the previous week, with the last completed on Saturday.

The 'distant relative' to Daisy's Picnic Blanket is completely finished.   With a logic that only a madwoman can probably follow, you eat food on a picnic, so this quilt has a "food related" fabric on the back.  It amused me to orientate the print so that the narrow red strips on the quilt top matched the red printed lines on the back and I'm very pleased with it.  The neighbour I showed it to just "didn't get it" and left me shaking my head - one of those "it is me?" moments.  Management reminded me that I have noted before this person is a couple of eggs short of a full dozen.  One day I will learn.  He's claimed it for the kitchen table where it will drape much better once it has been washed a couple of times.

There is a limit to how much hand-binding I can manage in one session so the others will get finished as and when I feel like it.

A picture just for my benefit, so that next time I do something this silly I don't have to waste nearly an hour remembering how I did it last time (which, in my defence, was 2004 according to the label on a little Christmas runner with the same angles!)


The week Daisy died I did some 'comfort shopping'.   It was not an attempt to make myself feel better by acquiring things, I'm not stupid enough to think that would ever work;  the logic behind my purchases was "why wait?"   For a few weeks I had been eyeing up this fabric online, and kept telling myself I really needed to use more of what I already have before buying anything else.  Losing Daisy so suddenly and unexpectedly got me in a "sod it, do it now because you don't know what is going to happen in the future" frame of mind and a few days later a very large squishy parcel arrived and I will 'fess up right now that the picture below was not all of it.  There may have been more than one jelly roll in each design . . .

It is all absolutely glorious and there's a distinct chance that the bolt of paw-print fleece with a black background is going to get joined by a bolt with a white backgroundπŸ˜‰

I wanted some easy, semi-mindless sewing, but it needed to be pretty, so I cracked open one of the jelly rolls and was surprised, in a good way, to find that instead of 40 different patterns/colour-ways I had two strips each of 20.   That is a much, much better balance for another Trip Around the World Quilt.

The strips settled themselves down into a nice order surprisingly quickly, although as usual, there were changes along the way.

Spot the difference?

So that was Sunday taken care of . . .

(note to Eunice: I wrote this on Sunday night and decided I was too tired to publish it until Monday.  You're not going mad . . . 🀑 )


  1. The weather has been terrible this past week and the greenhouse now requires some TLC and a new pane of polycarbonate as we managed to find all but one of the pieces which the wind blew out. It's definitely been the weather for hunkering down indoors and doing a bit of crafting.

  2. It's been soooo windy recently. We went for a walk along the shore yesterday and suffice to say I had no need to exfoliate last night. X

  3. We are also having another bout of 'weird weather'! Early last week it cooled considerably with even a light dusting of snow in the High Country & now we are back to in & around the 30's. Ooh, new jelly rolls!! Joy & I have been contemplating doing a jelly roll sampler together, but so far it's been all talk & no action(giggle). I also buy Rainbows from Victorian Textiles & they quite often have 2 strips of each fabric, which certainly makes it easier. You swapped the 2 greys & I could see why. I've just put a binding on & I only handsew so much each night, so get that completely. Awkward corners.........ugh! Take care & huggles.

  4. Some beautiful skies there, despite the wind, rain, hail etc. The jelly rolls look stunning too, as do your quilts.
    Nothing like crafting to make you feel (a bit) better!
    Best wishes

  5. Your end note just made me laugh, I think since your previous explanation I've got used to your writing and publishing sequences so I know I'm not going mad :)

    It sounds like you've had the same sort of weather as me just recently. I hate it when it keeps changing, it's neither one thing nor the other. I love the rainbow, it's certainly very bright, and the paw print fleece fabric looks gorgeous :)

  6. The weather is absolutely dreadful and I still can't believe we had such glorious weather in February. What a gorgeous rainbow in your photograph. I like the food related fabric, never mind what your neighbour says, it's definitely them not you! I don't blame you for comfort shopping you deserve to treat yourself, the paw print fleece is lovely. I'm thinking of treating myself to a trip to an art exhibition but I'm currently only looking out of one eye so is it worth it I'm asking myself. I may use your philosophy and say sod it, I'll do it :)

  7. I love the paw print fabric. I love how you can seem to whip up something beautiful. Admittedly I'm not very good on the sewing front but it's something I'm trying to improve. I'm currently on day 2 of a new job (after a 5yr break) - I'm sat in my car at lunchtime thinking what the f..have I done!!

  8. Your quilts are lovely. I like the little ponted ones and I also like the one covering your table and its other side with the matching red lines is lovely too. The weather has been very strange and I iwsh we'd had this month's weather so far in February and February's warmer weather in March:)

  9. "Why wait?"

    "If now now, when?"

    Both sayings, which we all need to listen to, more often. :-)

    Happy Spring!
    πŸƒ πŸƒ πŸƒ πŸƒ πŸƒ

  10. I hope your weather has improved over the last two days as ours has.

  11. Thank you all for the lovely comments which are much appreciated. Sorry I have not replied individually but I don't want you to think I have not read your words and thank you for the time you bothered to take. xx


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