Sunday, 20 January 2019

Why this is a s*d of a job

More photo scanning on Sunday, with snooker on in the background.  There are worse ways to spend a cloudy and cold day.

In September 1991, M. and I had a glorious late summer holiday in Rhodes.  I adore heat and we both love history, it is a fabulous place to visit and one day in the future, one sad dog-less day, it is somewhere we would both like to return to * .  28 years ago this was early in our relationship, so we both took photos and had two sets of prints made.

Problem number one:  we both used lovely big albums sold by Boots.  Nearly three decades on the prints have stuck to the backing board and occasionally cannot be removed without ripping.  Whilst I can scan the pictures stuck to the pages I have to physically cut up the books to do.

Problem number two:  numerous duplicates across the albums plus all the 'extras' which did not get as far as albums but we kept in packets.

It took most of the afternoon just to sort the prints out before I could begin scanning.  Reminded me why this is a pig of a job that is very easy to abandon and why I have made little progress in the last ten years!

*  For the time being I will ignore the fact that Rhodes is an island - and that means a plane or a long boat journey, or both.  Hmmmm


  1. I just know, that I'd give up. And just rely on personal memories. :-)))

    But I am I, and you are you.


    1. Wisp, I have been saying I would do this, and immediataely giving up for the last ten years or more. Really glad I am getting on with it because the process is triggering some fabulous memories.

  2. It will be worth it in the end. If the ones you shared are anything to go by, you have some beautiful photographs.
    And just think of the memories they evoke as you are scanning them. X

    1. Thanks Jules, I had forgotten some of the pictures, and it is lovely to go through them in detail.

      Of course, it would not take nearly as long if I did not take those memories to Google Maps and Streetview. I spent hours yesterday tracking down that fabulous church - took me ages to confirm it is in a mountain village called Siana. M. and I hired and car and drove all over the island, I particularly remember strong coffee and Metaxa in a cafe in the square next to the church of Saint Pantaleon.

      Still have not located the house in Lindos with such beautiful carving. The best I can come up with was that it would have been built in the 16th century for a sea captain or merchant. Hours 'wasted' on Google Images! it's been great :-)

  3. I went looking for a photo last week & also found it had stuck to that said backing paper. I thought, "b....r", why didn't I stick to just boxes. Our photos are quite a chaotic mess. 1991, eh! My first ever trip abroad, was that year, to the UK with hubby & our 2 boys to meet his family. Take care.

    1. Looks like 1991 was quite a year, Susan!
      Sorry you've also had stuck photos. I've just finished all the Rhodes ones, off into the cold now for a walk with Madam. xx

  4. My photos are staying in the albums I'm afraid, I mustn't have your patience. I know what you mean about making plans for one sad dog-less day, we keep saying "when we no longer have Annie" but I dread that day coming.

    1. Actually Eileen, it is fun. Taking four times longer than it should because I keep making side-trips to Google Streetview! See comment to Jules above - I must have spent 2 or 3 hours so far trying to track down that bloody house in Lindos! Still not found it.

      Our euphemism is "when it is just the two of us" . . .


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