Thursday, 29 November 2018

Up for grabs . . .

Too brain-dead yesterday to achieve anything creative and productive, so I spent half a day sorting through all of the Christmas scraps.  I had got to the point where nearly 12 foot of table space was covered in piles of jumbled up fabric and I could not make any more progress until I tidied it all up.

Not the first clue why I have about 60 small four-patch units already made and fabric cut for many more but at least I can now see what is here (and I can pretend it is under control).

At one level this is a little frustrating.  I want to get these blocks and units made up into (? whatever ?) which can be used/gifted.  They were all made so long ago I have absolutely no recollection of what my original intentions were - that is if I had any in the first place!  I know some of the blocks were made just to try out a technique or idea, which is how most quilters end up with a pile of 'orphan blocks' which don't go together and we don't know what to do with!

At another level is is lovely - there are no deadlines, no pressure.  I am just pottering around in my fabric cave knowing that eventually there will be a spark of creativity and I'll stumbled upon an arrangement I like, if not for all the bits then at least some of them.

Continued messing around is a perfect occupation for today - really high wind, rain, dull and gloomy.  None of us are going outside except for essential toilet breaks (that would be Daisy - M. and I will use the bathroom!)

Up for grabs:
During the tidy up I unearthed a little stash of fabric that I am never, ever going to use.  The 'wonky blocks' were started at a workshop but I didn't do any more when I got home, and the gingerbread fabric is left over from a project a decade or more ago.

As I will never use this material I would love to send it to someone who will . . . all you have to do is say 'please'.  Maybe perfect for someone who doesn't yet quilt but would like to have a little play?


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    1. I'm sure someone will be delighted to receive your gift of fabric. The weather is the same here, absolutely dreadful. Our nearby Garden Centre is having a Christmas preview evening with free mince pies and mulled wine but I'm not sure I want to venture outside either!

    2. I hope so Eileen, otherwise it can go on the compost! It's been wild here today but I am just back from our 4.00 walk and things are much more settled.

  2. Just caught up on all those posts as whilst away, having no i'net connection I decided to design a quilt with your flying geese blocks. I meant to send it with the email & forgot due to being tired when we got home. That last photo on previous post is similar to one I've been thinking of doing for the magazine. Definitely not the same but with flying geese on the diagonal. Wonder what you were going to do with all the other blocks too?
    Hope the weather has calmed, have a lovely weekend & take care.


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