Monday, 26 November 2018

I don’t want to be here, and you can’t make me enjoy myself

🐾 🐾 We interrupt our normal programming for a Guest Post by Visiting Blogger: 
            probably the most spoilt dog in the county   🐾 🐾

I am not going to be sensible and sleep on the warm and soft VetBed.

I refuse to budge from the middle of the floor where I am in everyone’s way at all times.

So there.


  1. Love the photo - I wonder how many times you had to step over her?! lol

    My two tend to always sleep in their beds, sometimes both in one bed but usually they each stick to their own. Mouse the cat is a different matter though, she sleeps in the most peculiar places, changes to a different one every few days and very often gets trodden on if I'm not aware that she's right where I'm about to put my feet :)

  2. For some strange reason I can't see your photo, it's just a white space :(
    Drat, I look forward to seeing photos of Daisy too!

  3. No photo, but it is VERY important to know who's The Boss!!

  4. What a bloomin' pallaver! This is what happens when you try to be clever and post to Blogger using an iPad whilst out for the day - it always ends it tears!

    Home now, photo transferred onto home computer and reloaded. But how strange that Eunice WAS able to see it an hour after I posted?

    Thank you for commenting even though all you could see was a white box!

  5. Mmmm Eunice sees to have special privileges :-)

    Love the photo of Dsisy even though she does her own thing:)

    1. Honestly Eileen, much as we love her she was a being ruddy nuisance. Now we are all home she is behaving perfectly. Today Little Miss Perfect stayed behind and Daisy the Diva showed up :)

      (As for Eunice's Special Privileges - sorry, nothing to do with me!!)

    2. Nothing to do with me either! lol. To be honest, if there was anyone unable to see the photo it would be me as I'm using a pc several years old and I still use Windows XP (yes I know, but I like XP, it works, and it should never have been replaced!) The photo was visible to me every time so I don't understand why it wouldn't work for others. I hope by now Daisy has stopped being a diva :)

    3. Eunice, if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it! In my pre-Apple days I liked Windows XP too :)


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