Thursday, 22 November 2018


We're a tad fragile at Bag End this week.  Management is another year older (happy birthday, dear one ๐Ÿ˜Š) and whilst he does not look it or act it, occasionally he "feels it" and that's not making him terribly cheerful. Apparently statements like "hey, just think of it as being 21, but for the third time" are neither helpful or funny (really? I thought I was being hilarious!)  But we've talked about ageing and some small lifestyle changes that he could make, so we have a plan for moving forward.

Part of the plan was to consider weight-bearing exercise, which he found himself doing yesterday, because I couldn't:

I also have some small lifestyle changes, but mine have been forced upon us, and are temporary.  A week ago I developed a huge floater in my eye.  I've had a proper eye examination* and as expected received a diagnosis of Posterior Vitreous Detachment.  Yuk.  It's an "age thing" and nothing can be done to prevent it or stop it.  The hope is that in 4 or 5 weeks it will have settled down and the floater will disappear.

Whilst the Vitreous continues to do whatever it wants there is a risk of it pulling the retina along with it, which is a far more serious proposition.  I have very precise instructions of what to do if I notice any vision changes that could be attributed to either the beginning of a retinal detachment or a retinal tear.  Both can be treated with laser surgery but it is frightening to be told that I would be seen immediately and treated as an emergency if the need arose.  My sight is probably the sense I value above all else.

Whilst we can do nothing remedial I have to be "sensible" for a month and not lift anything heavy, do strenuous work, and refrain from getting hit on the head, which means not getting accidentally head-butted by Daisy.  It doesn't happen often but when it does, ouch it hurts!  Oh, and yoga inversions aren't recommended either.  This is scary, far more so than all the other injuries I've inflicted upon myself at Bag End.  But now I am over the shock there is no point staying upset.

If I cannot do heavy labour in the garden I shall "have" to focus on indoor things like sewing ..... which isn't exactly going to be a hardship.  There is some Christmas fabric calling my name and later on I will start to re-read Discovery of Witches before treating myself to part two of the trilogy.

*  I cannot recommend looking in a mirror whilst waiting for the pre-exam eye drops to work.  Hugely dilated pupils =  'full vamp' but without the matching hair and makeup :)   Very strange look  ๐Ÿง›‍♀️


  1. Sorry to read about your eye problem, I do hope it clears up soon without the need for any further more drastic treatment. I'm like you, I've often thought that the one thing I'd most hate to lose is my sight. I also often give thanks for my continuing good health when friends/acquaintances/people I meet who are many years younger than me have various health problems - if my doctor's wages depended on seeing me he would never get paid!

    I love the Christmassy fabric, and Happy Birthday to Management - maybe he should think of himself as a recycled teenager :) lol

  2. I'm sorry to read you're having problems with your eyes. It must be worrying as well as frustrating at having to take things easy.
    And Happy Birthday to management. As my friend always says, it's not a lot of fun getting older but it's a lot better than the alternative. X

  3. So sorry! Please listen to the medical personnel and take care of your eye!! Honey, let Management know we're all getting older and its not always fun. However, I'll take it. Happy Birthday to Mgmt. Today is DH's birthday too.

  4. Sorry to hear about the eye problems & our sight is such an important part of our healthy well being. Please take extra care. Happy Birthday Mgt. I remembered on Wednesday after two of our grandchildren had their birthdays (22 & 13) & I kept saying, "There's another card I should buy", but couldn't work out who. My mind still thinks I'm about half the age I am, but the body sure doesn't at times & sometimes you pay the price for it. We also need to make a few lifestyle changes for our 70's. Have a lovely weekend, hugs to all & take care.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear of your eye problem. Make sure you follow doctor's orders and take it easy. I inherited my father's extremely poor eyesight and have worn glasses since early childhood. Thankfully these days I can pay to have lenses made thinner unlike my father's specs which were like milk bottle bottoms. I know I had a shock about three years ago to be told I had early stage cataracts. I had an uncle who was born blind so appreciate what a precious gift our eyesight is. Please do take care of yourself even though it'll be frustrating for you not being able to help M in the home and garden. Do wish him a very happy birthday from me too.

  6. Didn't sleep well last night and am more than a little tired, so just one big "thank you" to you all for such caring comments, they're much appreciated.

  7. Happy Birthday to the management - 21 again, brilliant! Sorry to hear about your eye - I went through exactly the same thing earlier this year and it scared the hell out of me too. Thankfully I had a brilliant optician who was both reassuring whilst still letting me know it was serious and when to get immediate help if any further changes occurred. Do make sure you take things easy and don't be worried about asking for more help, it's so much better to be safe than sorry with your vision. It's a perfect excuse for some gentle quilting by a warm fire with a favourite food and drink to pamper yourself with. Take care. :-)

  8. Hope you keep your eyes safe. I have lots of issues with my eyes so I empathise. Being very short sighted I am told that I am permanently at risk of retinal detachment. I couldn’t have lense replacement due to being high risk.


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