Sunday, 25 November 2018

Back to square one

All this flurry of new posts, cannot possibly last . . . never does!

Am doing a surprisingly good job of "taking it easy".  Management helps out wherever he is needed, and the garden will just have to wait until (a) I feel like it and (b) we're convinced the eye has settled down and there's no longer any risk of retinal damage.  I know I've been bad in the past at resting up when I have hurt myself but eyesight definitely takes priority over everything else.  Much overdue, I wandered around and dusted half the house yesterday which is quite enough grown-up activity for one weekend, and the rest of the day was spent either messing with fabric or messing with the iPad.

I am supervised - she knows "something's up".

We're back to square one with the Flying Geese units.  Not surprisingly, I made some more - another 40 although I didn’t really mean to. For starters I forgot that each pair of squares produced four units, I thought it would yield two, and in truth they are so quick and easy, and so much fun that I kept going.

With more than enough piecing to hand, I had a play and arranged the units as per the Pinterest quilt I liked. Only, as soon as I’d done that I knew I didn’t like it, and with borders the quilt would have become way bigger than I wanted.

There are now 120 nicely pieced units trying to find inspiration on Google or Pinterest . . . and not succeeding.   I had a try at using them to surround a pre-printed panel, this would have made a decent sized table-topper/small quilt but like so many good ideas, it didn't survive being pinned up to see how things might look.

I have a sneaking suspicion that this is exactly why these got put away all those years ago but I am not prepared to give up just yet . . .


  1. I'm going to be totally obtuse here (if that's the right word!) and say that actually I quite like that last design, although if it were me I would have more of the red 'geese' across the top and bottom and keep the darker colours for the shorter sides -just my thoughts though you may have already tried that :)

    1. It's OK Eunice, Management likes that last design too :) BTW, the colours are irrelevant - I'm just bunging up whatever unit comes to hand to get a feel for the layout. When I eventually decide upon something I will balance the colours out properly.

      In real life (to me, anyway, and in this department mine is the only opinion which counts! 😉 ) those units overpower the printed centre, so it is already off the design board.

  2. I'm glad you're taking it easy. Regarding the comment on your previous post, I certainly was very worried and thoughts of what might be were never far from my mind. I totally understand what you are going through right now. Telling you not to worry is pointless but we can tell you to carry on taking it easy. Hope you find a design for the quilt that works for you. Loving seeing Daisy making good use of the sunlight :)

  3. I suppose it is sort of taking it easy, though the brain must be working overtime with your flying geese needing somewhere to nest.(giggle). You should have been with me yesterday, as I popped off to AQM in Melbourne & saw some great quilts. It's a small wholesale show with no crowds, which suits me fine & I was supposed to go on Saturday & to one of the seminars, but didn't feel well so missed out on that bit. Your "light bulb" moment will happen when you least expect it. Have a great week & take it easy.


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