Friday, 5 October 2018

Meandering in Melrose and pottering around Peebles, part one

An (over)abundance of alliteration, sorry, feeling silly 😊.

I felt like doing something different and wandering around a couple of Borders' towns fitted the bill. Melrose is a lovely little place; a settlement since the Iron Age, home to a significant Roman Fort (Trimontium, there's a museum which I didn't visit), site of a large Cistercian abbey and thoroughly beaten about by English armies in the 14th and 16th centuries, now it is a genteel town on the banks of the Tweed.  I wasn't really in the mood for Sir Walter Scott or rugby, but just meandered about enjoying a change of pace.

I did manage to find a small fabric shop:

and some nice architectural features, traditional shops and what I think was a council-run garden.

Irritatingly the garden next to the Abbey was closed and no-one seemed to know why

but further down the road the Harmony Garden was a delight to wander around.

I walked along the river to have a look at the Chain Bridge.

At the point I stepped up to the bridge and read this sign a wind sprung up along the valley bottom which was so strong I could barely stand.  Never one to ignore Signs and Portents and with a strong sense of self-preservation, I decided to go no further than the part of the bridge which was still over land.  And then I turned around and came straight back.

With so many photos, I've split this into two posts.
Part Two here tomorrow


  1. What a lovely place to visit. Great to see the map outlining dog walks for visitors. You must have been delighted to discover the fabric shop and the garden you were able to visit is beautiful. Shame one garden was closed, probably health and safety rules gone mad. I don't blame you not putting your life in your hands on the bridge but it looks wonderful.

    1. Thanks Eileen. I was surprised by Melrose and impressed, there seemed to be green space everywhere. I suspect H&S idiocy was the reason for that gate being locked, and as for the bridge - there were people walking back and forwards over it, I was just being a wimp!

  2. You had a nice ramble that I think I would enjoy too. Glad you were cautious about the bridge.

    1. Hi Terra, welcome to Bag End, and thank you for taking the time to comment. the bridge - nah, I was being silly, it was perfectly stable [probably]!

  3. Nice gardens, I love the colourful flowers in the first one though it's a shame the other one was closed. And I would have gone over the bridge too :)

    1. Yes I know you would have gone over the bridge - probably twice - and laughed at me whilst you did it!


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