Monday, 15 October 2018

Clearing up after Callum

We got away fairly lightly from Storm Callum.  The large leaves of the Gunnera took a beating but it won't be long before they would die back or get frosted so no harm there.  More unexpected was looking out of the bedroom window on Sunday morning and thinking "err, that doesn't look right".

The wind had come from a different direction than usual during the storm, got underneath the big Clematis Montana and broken many of the cable ties holding the mesh down.

Now the honeysuckle is gone, perhaps I ought to finish painting the wall . . . 

Half the plant was flipped over on itself, but thankfully it was very quick to pull it back into place, and Management refixed the mesh.  Hopefully that's not a problem we will have to deal with very often.

The rest of the afternoon was spent with the leaf blower and I used the lawn mower to pick up the leaves.   That's a job we have to keep on top of at this time of year anyway.


  1. Thankfully Callum didn't cause too much damage for you and good that the damage was easily fixed.

    1. What about you Eileen? I know you're in north Wales and it was the south which got flooded, but was it bad where you are?

    2. Not too bad for us, just very wet and very windy.


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