Sunday, 14 October 2018

Change of plans

This weekend was absolutely determined not to go to plan.  In fact, it stuck two fingers up at me in the rudest of ways and said something along the lines of "how dare you think you can make plans!"
Plan A was to dicker around and have a lovely time on my own whilst Management was away at Star Camp. Plan A got totally horlixed on Wednesday.

Plan B was an unexpected opportunity to get away in the campervan which cropped up on Friday morning, only as far as Eskdale (about an hour away) but such a lovely location I jumped at the chance.

So I rushed around Friday afternoon to change the absolutely useless central glovebox in the van (which Peugeot chose to fit) for the much nicer drink bottle & phone holder which comes as standard from Fiat.  For those who don't know, the Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer and Citroen Relay are almost identical vehicles with a few 'personalisations' by the different companies once the base vehicle has left the main Sevel factory.   I have been meaning to make this change for ages, and the replacement kit arrived this week but I hadn't been in a hurry to install it.

I am guessing when these are factory fitted there are no front seats to make access not only difficult but almost impossible for anyone much above a size 10.  Access issues and physical contortions aside, it's not a difficult retrofit (getting the old glovebox out was the hardest bit) and I managed nearly all of it without having to ask Management for much help.  However, as a result of being squashed and twisted between the front seats I woke Saturday absolutely crippled with back spasm.  I've had it before, I know how to fix it, but there will be 72 hours of significant discomfort and a lot of moaning and groaning before I am fully mobile again.

Sadly I cancelled my trip - sitting down to drive, and then sitting in my cousin's motorhome for much of the day having a good catchup would have been impossible.  I was well looked after by M. who walked Daisy, fixed lunch and helped me get up every time I got stuck, and when the painkillers kicked in I came up with a Plan C and cut up some fabric which at least distracted me and was something I could do standing up.  First task was to make a backing by piecing together Halloween themed yardage which I did not use in the Trip Around the World quilt.

For far too many years I have hoarded a lovely collection of 'dog and cat' fabric - I know that I bought some of these FQs at an American quilt show in 2003 and they haven't even been unfolded,  ooops.

It took relatively little time to iron the material and cut everything into 3" strips.  At this point there was much cogitating* about how I would sew them together and at one point M. helped me make a lovely mock-up but like an idiot I tidied it up before taking a picture.

* that is a euphemism for standing with another mug of coffee moving fabrics around going "what if this ....." or "maybe what if that . . ." about a dozen times!

Storm Callum descended upon us (who the heck thinks up these names?), and I did a silly amount of mindless sewing.  When the top is complete it can have a post of its own with more pictures.

The weather went from disgusting:

to blue sky and fluffy clouds (24 hours after picture below):

the level in the Derwent rose and rose, but did not break its banks (photo data says this was taken at 2.20pm - dark, gloomy and the lights were on):

our road turned into a small river:

lunchtime visitors were thoroughly blown about and disgruntled:

by suppertime on Saturday I had probably the longest strip of fabric I have ever sewn - we measured it at 1,312" (109.3 feet, 33.6 metres!)

and Daisy ignored as much of it as she possibly could:

until she decided that I had ignored her for far too long and played 'helicopter' on the piecing!


  1. Sorry to hear you've done your back in, I hope it feels better soon. The drinks/phone holder looks good though, much nicer than the glove box :) I love the (disgruntled and blown about) bird on top of the feeding station, and Daisy playing helicopters on your piecing - both have just given me a much needed smile after reading some very sad news from someone else whose blog I follow.

    1. Thanks Eunice, that was a very p*ssed off Sparrowhawk who came looking for lunch but found all the regular candidates were sheltering somewhere else :)

      Daisy was permitted to jump all over my piecing because it when finished it will be for her . . .

  2. I do hope your back spasm eases soon. Your drinks holder is great, much more useful for you than the glovebox although our car's glove compartment is ideal for holding the dog treats. I really love your dog and cat print material, can't believe you've kept it stashed for so long :) Daisy having her helicopter time amongst your handiwork made me smile.

    1. Hi Eileen, Daisy was being a darling little brat! She knew exactly what she was doing - and it worked, got my attention :)


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