Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Turning into a nice "quilty" week

The damp and drizzle continues and I am delighted about that 😊.   The rain we're getting is gentle, not the sort which flattens plants, and it is making a lovely difference to the soil.  All this damp means I can stay inside and play with fabric every day without feeling guilty that I am shirking my horticultural duties.

Monday was an absolute "belter" of a day.  Having already got the Trip Around the World quilt pinned up and ready to go, a good sleep provided the solution to my quilting dilemma.  So often the answer for me is to get out a pattern from either Keryn Emmerson or her equally clever sister Meredith.  Every single pattern from the talented twins works as it should and "does what it says on the tin", not like a recent (not to be mentioned) pantograph that was Terminated With Extreme Prejudice as soon as I got the quilt off the machine!   The answer was Formal Garden from Mereth, and it sewed up without a single hitch.

Management looked after Daisy and kept out of my way - he knew I was concentrating hard and didn't want to say anything that might jinx proceedings.  No "in progress" pictures, but I was finished early afternoon.

After a bit of a rest I had a binding blitz, and by supper time both the denim Picnic Blankie and the lovely Trip Around the World were trimmed, bound, and ready for hand-finishing.

Daisy and I road-tested the picnic rug after supper when it got a little cool, but was too late to bother lighting the woodburner.  The bright blue fleece backing is lovely and soft, and Daisy always prefers the feel of it to regular fabric (Ollie was the same).  As this is only a blankie I did not use batting, and it has worked really well.

Today has been more restful, but still extremely productive.   The longarm got a very thorough clean-down and tidy-up after two quilts in two days.

This afternoon has been spent wrangling the huge quantity of yardage involved in the next project.

This beautiful (but very large) quilt top was a surprise gift from my dear friend J. in St Louis, it's too big to get a complete picture of it anywhere in the house!  For far too long I have been stroking the quilt top trying to pluck up the courage to do a full custom job on it (feathered wreaths, lots of cross hatching).  I am not ready to do that sort of quilting at present, and have finally managed to get over myself and accept that it is far better to quilt an all-over design and have a lovely quilt to use, than a folded top on the shelf.

Backing and top loaded     ✓
Batting sorted     ✓
Thread selected     ✓
Bobbins wound     ✓
Pattern chosen     ✓

Everything set up and ready to quilt tomorrow morning      ✓

With the weather forecast for the rest of the week set to to be damp and grey, Management and I continue to have a "holiday at home" week - he's in the garage most of every day making progress on bike building and I am finally making some inroads into the Shelf of Shame.  It's all rather lovely  😊


  1. I think we've had an early summer and this is an early winter, yet it's only mid-August and the nights are drawing in already. Great for your quilty days Jayne and they are lovely. I have to say that Daisy looks very appreciative of your picnic rug. I have to concentrate too and dislike distractions when I'm engrossed in something or other, I can't even image getting to grips with all that fabric. Happy days doing your own things :)

    1. Leaves are already falling Eileen, and plants I don't usually cut back until October and ready for the compost bin now.

      Relatively uninterrupted concentration time is bliss :-)

  2. They all look huge, but you have done a wonderful finish on them, I can only manage small patchwork, still a bit of a scardy cat. I have been cutting out projects for my sister, she is starting her own little handmade craft business. Tomorrow is sewing day for me.

    1. Thanks Marlene. You're not being a scaredy cat :) If I did not have the big quilting machine I would struggle to work on anything larger than a table runner!


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