Thursday, 10 May 2018

May Bank Holiday . . . allegedly

I think most Brits are still reeling from the utter confusion of:
1.  A Bank Holiday
2.  When it did not rain
3.  And the sun shone every day

Confusion comes easily at Bag End, but knowing this sort of weather doesn't happen very often there was no doubt about how I was spending most of it.

Much messing around with plants (hallelujah!), rather more painting than either of us care for but it has to be done, and nearly an entire Monday sitting on a lounger reading whilst M. had his first bike ride of the year.

I've revamped the little bed near the Top Pond - moved some peonies and added Foxglove to fill in the spaces (Polka Dot Polly - a silly purchase because they are supposed to be sterile so I might not be able to save seed - but if they are completely sterile, how to the growers propagate?) and made a start on painting the trellis.

It turned into a very 'painty' weekend.  Management did the first coat, I did the second, but our gates are now showing off Cuprinol shades 'Willow' which shows every sign of staying where it has been put, and not "doing a Ronseal" and going down the drain.

More painting up the side of the house.  If all goes according to plan (ha! - Plan!!  in this garden .....??) then by the end of the summer we will have lost the ubiquitous magnolia and be 'Green Ivy' instead.  Honestly Dulux, have you no imagination when it comes to naming paint?

A recent trip to my nursery brought back two trays of fantastic little box plants, two year old cuttings rooted on site.  Two thirds of them are now surrounding the staggered beds.  Apparently one of the biggest risk factors for box blight is lack of air movement.  Well, that ain't something we are going to suffer from here so fingers crossed . . .


  1. Wow, great to have a lovely weekend after your long, cold, wet winter & I think K has no bike rides now till next Spring, so he knows how Mgt feels when a nice day pops up. All that painting is going to make the whole place fresh & maybe next year I'll get to see it.(hoping!!!!!) The garden is also looking good. Have a "great" Saturday, take care & big huggles.

  2. Love the new paint colours, and I'm glad the new stuff on the gates is staying put :)

  3. I used the same colour for our garden furniture and a bird feeding station . I love it.

  4. I really love that green colour. I'm glad the Cuprinol works following the Ronseal disaster. The Bank Holiday weather was a real welcome surprise although it is being very unpredictable again now. My son-in-law is a biker, when daughter gives him a pass out that is :)

  5. Glad to read you had some rest time, I am always busy in my small garden, you must never stop in your bigger garden. My hubby is out on his motorbike most Sundays.


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