Tuesday, 15 May 2018

It's a busy time in the garden

Is this the most manic time of year in the garden?   Although it is still decidedly nippy in the evenings ( I am lighting the woodburner at all and any opportunity in the evenings) the days are brighter, warmer and generally lovelier and as a result plants seem to be growing almost in front of my eyes.  I have been in the garden nearly every day for the last week or so, even if it's just for an hour or two and there are areas where I am almost straight.

I hesitate to say this - it is SO tempting fate, and I would never dare to say I'm in control of this garden, but there have been fleeting moments when I look around and think that I might just be getting on top of things!

No way is this complete, but to remind myself of some of the recent activity:

Finished painting the trellis and the bed behind it is now weeded and planted up, I have this fanciful idea that later in the year it will be lovely to see flowers through the trellis . . .

At the same time as I scored two trays of fabulous box plants (the remainder of which are potted on for now) I also found some lovely foxgloves.  They look a bit straggly straight out of the nursery, but a few minutes taking off the old leaves and they are transformed.

As are the two beds on either side of the path as you come into the Coppice :)   A few years ago I planted  'Excelsior Mixed' in this area and it looked quite fabulous, hopefully these Digitalis Purpurea Camelot Mixed will do just as well.  In an ideal world I would be saving seed, remembering to sow it at the right time, raising my own for future years .... yeah, yeah, it ain't an ideal world or I'm not that good a gardener.

Remember the cheap bulbs from Wilko I planted two months ago?  Most are growing on well and this week I planted out the tray of Anemone Mr Ruffell.  They have grown brilliantly, lovely strong plants with great roots.  Not bad for £2, some soil and a bit of time.

I've been dividing up perennials and have moved some bog-standard pink geranium - I think it's Geranium sylvaticum but we inherited it so am not sure, sedum and Astrantia 'major' to a dry and parched area under an acer (Crimson King).

Another sun-drenched bed - next to the black deck - has also been filled up with another anonymous geranium.  The leaves are wrong for Johnson's Blue, but later in the year it should look like this:

It always amused me just how much distance I can cover when I am puttering around in the garden most of the day.  Bearing in mind by the time I have taken Daisy out, done morning chores, and generally woken up, I'm never in gardening mode until at least 11.00/11.30, and as an old retired woman I take lots of breaks for lunch, coffee, the Kindle and playing with Daisy, then I am probably not actually gardening for more than three or four hours on any day.  Who needs an expensive gym membership?  😊

This was Saturday - the extra steps are  due to my short walk at Rannerdale.

Of course there's more - walks with Daisy (which sadly are very short and limited at present), messing around with the cold frames and the greenhouse, and goodness know what else besides.  But that is more than enough for now - I am going garden visiting gallivanting in the campervan next week leaving Max and Daisy to have a couple of lovely quiet days at home, and it would be good to get the blog caught up before I bring back another card full of photos to be processed 😊


  1. I have raised loads of seeds this year, but it's not cheap and no promise of everything growing to a healthy standard, next year I am going to buy plug plants.

    1. Hi Marlene, I'm a bit surprised to find I have not sown any seeds yet this year, but it was so cold that honestly there was no point. I keep meaning to make a start on peas & beans now it is warmer .....

  2. I'm afraid I stick to admiring other peoples' gardens, there's no way I have the time or the patience to do what you do - and I don't like slugs and worms anyway! :(

    You may already know about this - I found it through someone else's blog - but Hornby Castle is having a garden open day this coming Saturday and Sunday, admission £4. If the weather's good and you can get to it I should imagine it'll be a good weekend - I'm going to try and get there myself but I tend not to decide things until the last minute :)

  3. Hey, girlfriend. We've gone pretty much from the furnace to the air conditioner around here. No gardening at all. Carpenters have been here for days redoing the big deck floor and other assorted repairs to our all wood house. If we'd known then what we know now ........

    Your garden looks lovely. You know you're your own worst critic. Hi to Mgmt and a hug for Miss Daily.

    1. Hi Sue, hope your rebuilding goes well and you don't find any more nasty surprises that have to be fixed. Of course I am my own worst critic - I have had considerable experience over the years and have perfected the arty.

  4. All your hard work in the garden is paying off and it must be so nice to watch the plants and flowers burst into life in this warm weather. Do enjoy your trip next week, I'll look forward to your posts (with envy of course) :-)

    1. Thank you Eileen, I had a laptop for my birthday so I may try to blog whilst I am away, but no guarantees so don't be surprised if nothing appears :)


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