Sunday, 1 April 2018

Motivation and dependencies

So, it goes something like this . . . The Astronomer wants an Obsy.

Or in plain English, Management would very much like a small shed in the garden in which to site his telescope, a shed which shall be grandly known as The Observatory (Obsy is much easier!)

Of course he can have his shed but, as is ever the case with Bag End, there are dependencies - a myriad of other work which has to be accomplished first; sadly (for M.) the Obsy will be the very last thing to be completed in this current string of dependencies. A string which goes something like this:

The only place a telescope shed can go (to provide best view of the sky, not be forward of our building line and therefore need Planning Permission, and be screened from streetlights) is where there are already two other sheds . . . and a log pile, a bloomin’ HUGE log pile.

More logs need to be moved than we can cut for the next couple of winters and fit in the log store so we need somewhere to put the rest (oh joy, more moving bloody logs from one place to another). The only place I can currently think they can go is on the beds at the very back of the vegetable patch. Those beds aren’t being used for much else right now . . .

Apart from temporarily housing some cold frames  😕.

For months Management has been talking about “doing something” in the nursery area to properly site the cold frames but we’ve had one of the most miserable winters anyone can remember and nothing has happened. Until last Monday {insert evil grin}. Freshly back from Kielder Star Camp and enthused again about observing - Motivation is a wonderful thing!

I have a ludicrous number of cold frames - seven to be precise. I only meant to have four. When Management retired last May we bought ourselves a couple of ‘stuff the day job’ presents - mine was cold frames. Four were ordered, three arrived. Phoned supplier, many apologies. A couple of weeks later, four more arrive - and the driver refuses to take back the extra three. He says I have to contact the company and arrange for them to be collected. Which I did. They did not. After the third attempt I gave up - sod ‘em, and sod their stock control as well. This many cold frames needs a fair amount of space, but the ground slopes in the nursery and try as I might I could not get the damn things lined up and straight.

Enter The Welder . . . who moved two water butts, repurposed the steel frame they sat on, raised it so I don’t have to bend down and extended the whole to 16 feet long (which conveniently is the length of some planks I had left over), and in the space of a week we went from messy dumping ground to TA DA!


A couple of days we didn’t get outside because of the weather, but we’ve progressed at what is, by our normal standards, breakneck speed.

He did the steel-stuff, I did the paintbrush-stuff - Hammerite for the frame and basic Cuprinol for the wood;  and I built the wooden top. 

Everything is screwed to everything else so, in theory, nothing is going to get knocked over or blown off . . .

We still have to finish the lids, and I plan to rig up cord system for opening them.
Sort of like this:

Thank you sweetie, just teasing about the “motivation” thing (well, maybe - maybe not). I’m a bit in awe of the whole set up at present, looks incredibly tidy and professional and I am a little daunted as to whether I can do the darn things justice.

And for the eagle eyed - yes there are only four here, we’re working on the other three 😊


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    1. Thanks Marlene, unfortunately raining most of today so have not been able to finish up. Forecast for tomorrow is not much better :-(

  2. Wow, they are amazing & just the height I need. Wish I could come and try them out. I'm looking forward to seeing what they produce & to see M's shed up & running. Take care.

    1. Hi Susan, I wish you could come and try them out too but I'm sure you're incredibly clever woodworking K. could set up something similar for you.

  3. It is amazing what a little motivation can trigger :D and missus ... as for your multiplying high rise cold frames - very nice x

    1. Hi Kate, don't get me started on motivation (humph).
      I have been waiting for nearly a year for this bench - once it was obvious that the Obsy depends upon it (amongst other things), whoosh - it's completed in a week!


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