Tuesday, 6 March 2018

February finishes

Spring is racing up to meet me with alarming speed.  Somehow, from somewhere I have picked up the idea of having at least one quilty finish each month.  I know it is going to be hard to maintain that once the weather improves and the garden beckons but if I don't try then I am guaranteed to fail.  I succeeded in February but am late posting the proof that they are completely finished - the month caught me out on more than one occasion by being shorter than I expected!   Considering that at one point both of these tops were headed for the nearest charity shop, they have actually turned into decent little quilts.

Trimmed and pinned:

Binding machined to front on both quilts:

And hand-finished to the back:

I am still not sure how much I like either of them, but they're done and off my Shelf of Shame (as Susan calls it ☺️)

This one was made because I was joining in with lots of other bloggers, and the designer is a friend of a friend, but I don't think I was ever properly invested in it.

These blocks started out with high falutin' plans.   They came from a Carol Doak book and are goodness knows how old.  I brought them with me from Hampshire so they are definitely pre-2006.  I had such great plans, there were going to be at least 20 blocks, set 4 x 5 with sashing it was going to become such a grand Christmas Quilt!   Four blocks in, with inumerable tiny pieces, I just about lost the will to live, and certainly lost any desire to make a complete quilt this way.

The truth of it is that whilst I love the crispness and precision of the finished block I now accept that life is just way, way too short to do much foundation piecing,  there are so many other quilts to make!

So there we are, two February finishes, must add them to the Quilt Finishes page.


  1. They are both huge and beautiful, such bright colours, just what you need at this time of year. My garden season has started, I have some flower seeds on the go, but we have had temperatures of 8 - 10 degrees, so we are ahead of you. March is an iffy month, I know it will come back to get us before it is out. You are a very clever quilter.

    1. Thanks Marlene, they're not so huge, but you've given me an idea and I will add sizes to the Quilt Finishes page :) I don't think I am a particularly clever quilter - but I have been doing this a long time!

      Your temperatures are quite tropical compared to what we're still getting. I have been caught out too many years by sowing seeds now. I've learnt to wait although it is frustrating.

  2. Great finishes & I just read your reply on the last post. Oh, do I wish & then find a house to live in. (pulling a face!!) I've done one page for my quilting & have 2 others started, but haven't published yet as I need better photos. I should complete that existing gallery, which I have the photos for our kid's/grandkid's quilts. I'm just lagging behind & feeling blah at the moment. A few more hot days this week, then hopefully it will start cooling a little. I'll try & do an updated post soon. Take care, happy sewing/gardening for whatever the weather. Huggles.

    1. Hi Susan, nothing wrong with dreaming about a house in the UK, although I know you wouldn’t leave the kids and grand-babies and come halfway round the world ....

      Don’t worry about feeling ‘blah’ and not posting - Keryn said they had 45 degrees a few days ago, that’s far too hot to function. Take care, J, xx

  3. They are quite different to your present style and colouring - prefer the 'new' you :) I can appreciate the work that has gone into them but I love the TRTW vibrancy and the blues from the last post :)

    1. Thank you Kate, you are spot on 😊 Those colours are not what I am enjoying working with at present. I realised my preferred palette had changed, but hadn't made the connection as to why these two quilts just feel "blah" to me


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