Wednesday, 14 February 2018

I have a dream . . .

I have a dream, and for once it is a totally achievable one.  I know this because I've done it before so I can do it again.  The dream is not to have any quilt tops which are completely sewn together but languish unquilted on a shelf.  Around 2005 or 2006 I started the year with my sewing room in its usual unholy mess and decided I wasn't going to begin anything new until I had quilted up all the tops which were hanging around.  Took me months but I got there and it was a great feeling to have a backlog of unfinished work off the shelves.

At present the "Shelf of Shame" does not look too bad, but one particular top has been here for over seven years.  In my defence, I have been terrified to the point of paralysis of messing it up, which is why it's not yet quilted . . . that is probably no consolation at all to the dear friend who made it for me and sent it from America to celebrate my 50th birthday.

This time around there are not nearly the same number of items waiting to be completed, and I have made a start with two Christmas-themed quilt tops which, frankly, I didn't care for any more and was on the verge of 'gifting' to a charity shop but Management suggested I quilt them up as practise, and if successful they could become tablecloths.

September 2013 - where does time go?

This one's been around four years:

As a covering for our little kitchen table it does not need those big borders, so I sat and removed the fabric which is a favourite and has gone back in the stash for a second go-round.

The weather forecast this week was definitely in favour of staying indoors and sewing. 🌨 ❄️☃️  
I pinned on a backing for the star quilt on Monday and on Tuesday I not only quilted it but made one of our bulk casseroles for the freezer, and did a couple of loads of laundry, so that was a productive day 😊.   I used a new Hermione Agee pattern - Bountiful Feathers.  Looks quite nice now it is done but wasn't a pleasant pattern to sew, it was difficult to get a smooth rhythm going as there are some very 'jagged' changes in the design, really not sure if I will ever use it again.

The thread, on the other hand, was a revelation.  I am normally a 'cotton purist' when quilting but as there was a chance this top might find itself wrapped around engine parts in the garage I did not want to waste "the good stuff".  Out came a spool of polyester 'Rainbows' (Superior Threads) - what a result.

Wednesday brought more 'seasonal' weather with a disgusting forecast for the middle of the day:

Perfect excuse to make up a quick backing, load everything onto the machine and get quilting.  This time round the pattern was Cloud Nine by Patricia Ritter and it's currently my favourite pantograph 😊. Sewed up beautifully, lovely flow and rhythm and behaved really well.

As this quilt top was nearly out of the door there was nothing to lose by trying 'risky' thread and I used a cone of Superior Metallic;  Riddikulus as Professor Lupin would say!  Worked perfectly from the off, didn't even have to adjust tensions.

So in three days I have turned two probably-reject-quilt-tops into quilts  and done my self-confidence no end of good.  Just need a few more rubbish weather days so I can tackle the bindings, and maybe whatever is next to come off the Shelf of Shame.

The Most Important Four Paws has not been forgotten or ignored during all this quilty activity.  It is just she has been otherwise occupied:


  1. Love how the previously unloved quilts once stitched become almost jewel like!

    1. Thank you Kate, it never fails to surprise me how much the quilting transforms a top :-)

  2. Contemplates the idea of her own workroom without UFO's and starts weeping with uncontrollable laughter. Good luck and I admire your dedication. They look lovely. xx

    1. Uncontrollable laughter aside (and I share the weeping!) there is nil to minimal chance of me ever finishing all the UFO's, look at all those tubs in the 4th picture on the previous post!

      Now, getting the finished tops quilted up - that's do-able ��

  3. Well done for moving two items on, I have almost finished Wills wigwam, an hour tomorrow will get it done.

  4. Well done & I know you are so disciplined & tidy, that I didn't realise you had a shelf of shame. I've a tub of shame, which goes way back further than 7 years, but then I'm rubbish at getting things finished or being tidy. I remember both those quilts from when I first started following your blog & knew there were some wondeeful quilters out there in the wide world of ours. Take care.

    1. Susan, having a Shelf of Shame should not surprise you - the amazing thing is there's only one!

  5. Well done to you, the quilts do look lovely. As I don't sew I'm more like Daisy in this awful weather. Roll on Spring.

    1. Cheers Eileen, Daisy is not impressed with my being busy doing something that does not put her front & centre - but she makes sure she's laying where she can keep an eye on me.


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