Wednesday, 3 January 2018

and breathe . . .

Normally the period of limbo between Christmas and New Year is a relaxing time, almost liminal.  I never know what day it is or if the shops are open or what I am meant to be doing.  This year however, the state of limbo has been a cold and worrying one as we waited for the plumber/heating engineer to come back to work.

Stuart phoned last night and promised to be with us sometime on Wednesday (huge relief, we thought he was off until the 8th) so of course we both spent all of today in that horrible state of not being able to settle to anything and constantly glancing out of the window looking for his van.  But true to his word he did arrive, around 3.30, and when he left two hours later the radiators were getting warm.  There is still work to be done because we're now concerned that the whole system needs an overhaul having possibly not been looked after as well as we thought for the past 8 years.

But that can wait a little while - I NEVER EVER thought I would get tired off my beloved woodburner, but lighting it first thing every morning and sticking around to keep it going all day has been wearing.  Management and I chatted this morning and agreed that 11 days of no heat (or 12 days in the past 13 if you go back to the Saturday before Christmas) has been far more stressful than either of us was prepared to admit at the time.  It's been a while since I really appreciated our radiators 😊

Daisy continues to take it all in her stride;  she took over the small sofa as soon as the radiator next to her favourite bed in my study refused to heat up.   Wonder what she was dreaming about this afternoon?  (This works better in Full Screen, hit escape to return when video ends.)

There was progress on the TATW quilt top on New Year's Day; I had to resort to using the curtains as a design wall because it would have been too easy to transpose a couple of sections.

although a couple of crappy, broken nights meant I have was too tired since then to do much more, but this afternoon I put in the last few seams and Top One is done!

For the eagle-eyed (yes, Susan, I'm thinking of you) I decided to tweak the centre fabric.  Following the piecing sequence put red tomato/yellow background in the middle and it looked like a very bad bulls-eye target.  A quick bit of unpicking and I replaced it with orange which looks much better.

I don't think I have ever made something for us that is quite so bright and vibrant but we both love it.  Very much looking forward to making progress on the second top which might well be tomorrow, because despite my desire to go out and play in Bill, the weather forecast is atrocious and staying indoors might be a better idea.


  1. Glad to know you've got your heating up and running again :)

    Love the video of Daisy. I've often watched my two twitching their paws while asleep and wondered what they were dreaming about - chasing rabbits maybe?

    The quilt top looks fabulous - I love the colours, it's so vibrant :)

    1. Thanks Eunice, it will be a while before we start to take the heating for granted again :)

      Isn't it lovely watching our babies asleep. Cracks me up when Daisy starts "yipping" whilst he paws are flailing in every direction, I wish she could tell us what she is chasing 😊

  2. What a relief for you to have your heating working again.

    The video says full screen unavailable for me but I do love to see dogs dreaming. I always imagine Annie running on the beach.

    Your quilt is gorgeous, so well done and I can just imagine how well it will suit Bill.

    1. Thanks Eileen, I hope that despite Full Screen you wer eable to see Daisy's ears twitching. I think she was chasing the neighbours' new kitten out from under the bird feeder . . .

      Bill's passengers will need sunglasses the way these quilts are going 😊

    2. D'uh - that should be "were able" . . .

  3. I'll have some of what Daisy is having please! x

    1. Hi J, Daisy just gets "the usual" - 24/7 staff, waiter service for all meals, doesn't have to lift a finger or do any of the vacuuming of biscuit crumbs or laundering of muddy coats . . .


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