Monday, 3 April 2017

Concentrating on the Coppice

After the rain and general driech which descended upon us virtually as soon as we had finished cleaning up the caravan equipment I really did not think I would get into the garden this week.  How wrong can you be ...

On Friday our tree surgeon was working nearby and I was the lucky recipient of two trailer loads of his 'rubbish'.   Simon was cutting down a leylandii hedge so this is not pure bark chip but that doesn't matter - it will be a brilliant mulch around the garden, keep weeds down, and eventually rot away.

Thankfully Saturday (and Sunday) were bright and clear.  All those chippings aren't going to move themselves.

I concentrated on the Coppice, fortunately when I started I did not realise it was going to take two full days, but as Management constantly reminds me:  "this is a very big garden".  When I started most of the ground looked a bit like this - leaves everywhere, plants needing to be tidied up:

And countless hours later, it's all much tidier:


Whilst getting up close and personal to all the plants as I weeded, I was treated to a birds eye view of some early season lovelies such as violets and pulmonaria:

A job long-planned was to make a drainage channel.  When we get "gulley-washer" storms water pours through the neighbouring garden uphill from us, across a footpath where the drain cannot cope, and rushes through the Coppice.  I don't want paths and plants washed away again, so hopefully this will channel any excess into a conveniently placed manhole.  Still got to tidy up the edges and position lots of stones but it's a start.

Although the hellebores are past their best they are still quite beautiful.

And underneath this one, BOLDCAPSSHOUTING!    Babies!!!  (now securely protected with a barrier to stop any accidental trampling)

With a macro lens on the camera, Daisy came in for some attention too:

I don't know what she's yawning about, I'm the one who did all the work!

And all the time I was pulling weeds, shifting logs or moving bark chip Management was in the vegetable patch, quietly beavering away with a paintbrush ... for hours!  Bless his little heart, he has finished painting the net cage frame and now I can order the cover for it 😊


  1. This time of year it is a race against weeds. Loving the close ups of Daisy 😊

    1. Amen to that, Kate. I had to laugh at Monty Don on Friday when he said at this time of year there is so much to do you don't know where to start ...

    2. The council parks dept deliver wood chip to our Sue. When it is conifer based I smells lovely. I love the black hellebore. I,winder where the seedlings will come true?

    3. Hi Sue, I remember you saying your council deliver bark chip, lucky you :)

  2. A very productive few days. What a difference some good weather can make. I spent most of yesterday on my hands and knees performing operation moss removal from the driveway. I keep admiring the results as I'm sure you must do with your beautiful garden. It's looking amazing with all your hard work. And don't get me started on the cuteness of that shiny wet nose. X

    1. Jules, thanks and sorry it has taken me so long to reply. Digging moss out of a driveway is a horrible task . . . hope you have recovered from it.

      The shiny wet nose? Just as cute as the rest of her!

  3. The garden is looking lovely, especially the hellebores, which I adore. Hope the drain works well as all the hard yakka you've put in, certainly doesn't need to be washed away in the first big downpour. Did LP do the fruit cage? We need one for our blueberries & it needs to be done before next Xmas, when we get our first few. Well done to both of you on the day spent busy in the garden. Hiya Daisy. Take care.

    1. Susan, LP put the fruit cage up but did not build it from sctratch - it was a kit from Harrod Horticulture, assume you will have similar for sale in your area? I'm amazed you get as many blueberries as you do without one.


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