Tuesday, 17 May 2016

An award from Hawthorn

Oo-err, an award no less!  Thank you to the very lovely Hawthorn Spellweaver who put me in the frame for one of these:


So the deal is: I answer Hawthorn's questions, choose some favourite bloggers to pass the baton on to and give them a list of questions to answer, so here goes :)

What's your favourite season?
Can I say all of them?  My least favourite season is "the rainy one" but how can you choose between a crisp, cold winter's day with high pressure and blue sky, over a fresh Spring day with a hint of a breezae and promise of what's to come?  Or the delicious heavy warmth of a slow lazy Summer day?  Hmm, I seem to be ignoring Autumn . . . 

Knitting or crochet?
Neither.  I'm a fabric junkie and can't see that changing any time soon.

Holidays by the sea or a city break?
Oops - neither again!  Hills and mountains for me every time.

Fairy lights or candles?
Candles every time.

Do you dance to the radio?
No, sorry, I dance as often as I knit . . .
What is your favourite meal?
Don't think I have one, depends upon the time, the season, the mood.

Do you have any tattoos?
No, and I never will.  

Night owl or up with the larks?
Definitely a lark, but have definitely ben struggling with early starts over the last few months.

So there you have it, random bits of information that wouldn't normally find their way onto the blog.

What comes next is my choice of blogs I enjoy very much:

Jessica at Rusty Duck
If you think I'm mad with all the Bag End restoration and renovation - Jessica and Mike make our efforts seem like a mere trifle!

Keryn Emmerson at A Quilting Twin
From Australia, Keryn and I actually met briefly in America at a longarm quilt show in about 1999 or 2000.  We only recently 'met up' again through our blogs and at risk of embarrassing her greatly she is the designer of some of my favourite quilt patterns of all time.  And she has a fabulous dog!

And she also has an equally talented sister - Mereth, who blogs at Pages From Me.  Her piecing leaves me in awe, I would love to get to a point where I have organised my life enough to achieve just half of what she does!

Sue and Martyn at Green Lane Allotments
Now ~this~ is how to grow vegetables!

Tigermouse (Eunice) at A Tent, A Caravan, 4 Wheels And Me
A lady after my own heart, me thinks :-}

Jules at A Hidden Jem
A new blogger, based in the south of our beautiful county.

And here are my strange questions for them:-}

1.  Have you ever missed a Sliding Doors moment which could have changed the direction of your life?

2.  Favourite flower/plant

3.  Which film makes you cry every single time?

4.  Dogs or cats?

5.  If you could live in a different country, and not have to worry about language difficulties, where would you move to?

6.  Breakfast, lunch or supper?  Which is the best?

7.  Chocolate - milk or dark?

8.  Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

9.   If the TARDIS materialised with Dr Who, would you go with him?

And now I have to let those ladies know it's their turn, and I think I'm done :-}


  1. Thank you for choosing my to take part in this, that's quite a surprise. I'll get on to it as soon as I can figure out what questions to ask on my post.

    1. You're welcome. I have so loved reading about all your trips in the van/tent.

      You don't have to come up with completely new questions - re-use ,ine, take some of Hawthorn's. Entirely up to you. I just thought of a silly one - "tent, caravan, campervan or wooden Hobbit-pod!"

  2. I've just done one of these through Jo, but didn't like to nominate anyone in particular as when I first started blogging someone sent me one and a blogger (at the time) got quite irate that I included her in my list, so although I thank, answer and do more questions, it is for the fun of it and anyone can answer the questions on my comments page. I know Kerryn too and her patterns are some of the first ones I worked with when I got my unstitch regulated machine, but now of course I use her digital ones. I've a couple more I'd like to purchase soon. Small world isn't it? Off to comment on your newer post(giggle).

    1. I hope the person who got irate wasn't me {glum face}. I used to hate these things but perhaps I have mellowed a bit over the years! I wanted to nominate you but Jo got there first :-}

      You are very right though, what a small world. I was stunned that Keryn remembered meeting me at MQS.

  3. Love your questions! I am off to check out your list of bloggers - there are some names that are new to me, thanks Jayne for answering my questions and joining in :)

    1. Cheers Hawthorn. Glad I have a couple of folk who are new to you.

  4. Thank you Jayne. I will try and get to it tomorrow. X

    1. Cheers Jules, I hope you enjoy it. I realise they are not everyone's cup of tea.

  5. This sounds interesting, thankyou for your kind words too. I'm thinking about my answers and I'll try to post soon...

    1. Thank you. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  6. great answers and questions! if it was the 9th doctor then I'd go

    1. 9th Doctor, huh?
      Yes, you have very good taste {{grin}} but for me the best Doctor ever will always be the 10th !


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