Friday, 25 March 2016

Today would have been much nicer without the wind

But let us not complain, there was no rain and after the last six months a lack of precipitation is a decidedly good thing!  But, it being a Bank Holiday, Management was not working and LP was so much had been planned.  Unfortunately, the plan to assemble LP's old shed first thing failed when we found that the tarps laid down to cover the floor had not succeeded in keeping last night's rain off the wood.

So the men moved onto welding all morning (which had been planned for after lunch) whilst the wind dried the shed floor . . .

And by the end of the day much welding was accomplished, the shed was built and new roofing felt was applied to the ridge.  The shed panels arrived last year on 17th September - six months is not bad going by Bag End standards!

I achieved some serious pruning in the Cottage Garden but the largest bed (between us and next door) is going to need a heck of a lot of weeding.  As our neighbour does absolutely nothing in his garden we are at the mercy of the weed seeds that get blown around and the ground elder that grows unchecked on his side of the fence.

I thought I'd publish all these pictures of the mess (which is partially self-inflicted because I did nothing in this part of the garden last year) so that when it is back under control I can enjoy looking at the Before and After!

We managed a huge amount but it wasn't pleasant - the wind was bitterly cold - and M & LP were welding on the shady side of the house which is always a few degrees colder than the front.  It will all be worth it when this project is finished and we finally have a nice step out of the kitchen rather than the current drop onto the old concrete plinth:-}


  1. Well, I've read both bits and am commenting on this bit. That was a lot of work done in one day, so congrats to all. I'm looking forward to seeing your garden 'Spring' to life. I can just picture you wandering around the garden in said dressing gown and wellies and destroying the baddies(giggle). I do the same to our harlequin beetles who seem to mate a lot. Luckily we don't get too many here, but daughter seems to have lots over her way. Enjoy the rest of Easter break and take care.

    1. Hello lovely, thanks for checking in on us! Just be thankful that at this time of year my dressing gown is full-length!
      Hope you're having a drier and warmer Easter break than us :-}

  2. Bloody weather. And now we have Katie on the way? Ah well, at least I can rest my aching bones for a few days at least. I hope you are doing the same.

    1. Bloody weather indeed! Not having watched much TV recently I've missed whatever furore the media is currently spinning about our next weather system . . . perhaps I'd better pop off and have a look :-{.

      Like you, I could probably do with a rest for a few days!


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