Friday, 25 March 2016

David Attenborough moments

I am more than a little mindful that it is now two weeks since I managed a new blog post.  In those two weeks we've had a wonderful spell of dry weather so there has been MUCH gardening.  Additionally there's all the other 'little things' which take up oodles of time - Daisy, the house, hobbies - so lucky little me has a real First World problem - Too Busy To Blog!

But if I don't get back into the habit of snatching a moment now and again to record what happens here then I am going to find myself with one of those horrendous backlogs. And I really don't want to do that :-}

So to this morning - before 7.30am I had rescued a bumble bee from the sitting room and moved her to a pot of polyanthus, disturbed two crows who were about to pick up a frog and have a fresh breakfast, and HAPPY DAY, noticed two Great Diving Beetle in the top pond and managed to remove them.  That involved sprinting down to the Big Pond in dressing gown and wellies, grabbing a net, and sprinting back.  As the beetles in question were busy "making more beetles" they were uncharacteristically unaware of what was going on outside the water and stayed put long enough for me to ruin their happy moment.

Who needs David Attenborough?  We've got our own nature reserve!


  1. So catching those two was a bonus as you prevented a whole nursery of them.
    I still haven't spotted any frogs in our pond.

    1. Absolutely right Sue, wonder how many tadpoles will have been saved because these two beetles were foiled in their attempt to make more beetles :-}

      Sad you haven't seen any activity in your own pond.

  2. no wonder there's been no time to blog x

    1. {{{snortle}}} Spent a wet afternoon yesterday sorting through all my recently taken photos . . . eek, there were hundreds! The whittling down process continues.


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