Wednesday, 24 February 2016

A partial reveal, and a party

(Sunday 21st February)
Despite my best intentions, whenever the kitchen was tidy enough to take photographs I was too tired/ too busy/ the light was rubbish.  I left it until 15 minutes before Danny's party to realise this was probably my last opportunity to record how lovely the kitchen has looked since Kate painted the units in September.

So here are a couple of absolute rubbish photos, but it's only a partial reveal :-}  Hard to believe these are the same kitchen units that we acquired ownership of eight years ago today!

And promptly at 3.00pm lots of neighbours arrived, all bearing food.  Our intention was not that M. and I were throwing a farewell party for Danny, but that all his friends were getting together for Afternoon Tea which happened to be held at our house.  In the style of an American supper we had no idea what would turn up but, as expected, there was a good selection of sweet and savoury which I didn't manage to photograph.  In fact, I took very few pictures at all which is rather a bummer.

Apart from cleaning the place up (and goodness knows it needed it!) and moving furniture, I made two cushions for some lovely 3-and-a-bit year old twins.  Although they know me and Daisy they are not used to our house and I wanted to do whatever possible to extend their "shelf life" (as their Dad calls it!)  Together with a bunch of balloons the plan worked superbly, they were some of the last to leave and the little boy fell asleep that night cuddling his 'cushy'.

The star of the show (apart from Danny) was Miss Daisy who took all the disruption in her stride, and was quiet and gentle and didn't steal food.  She did, however, take umbrage at my moving her bed - I think when she took up station in front of the woodburner despite there being no squishy memory foam to lay on She Was Making A Point.

Needless to say, she got loads of cuddles when everyone had gone home :-}

Monday, 22 February 2016

Whoops, rather a lot of catching up to do

Bad Blogger :-}

I really didn't mean to abandon the blog for the last three weeks.  For once it is for a good reason which is that I have been so bloomin’ busy recently that “something” had to give, and that something was spending time on the computer.  The original techno-junkie has hardly touched her PC in the last month.  Not only have I not been updating Bag End, but for some reason I have completely stopped reading other blogs, which comes as a complete surprise to me. . . I usually look at a dozen or so different ones each day. 

But the good news is that I am longarming again - HURRAH!!!  And once I put one top on the machine in early February it was apparent that the best way to conquer my confidence issues was to keep going… so I did, and quilted all six panels for the caravan, plus three other tops! 

The following week we had builders back to knock down a partition wall in the bedroom which was accompanied by my near-meltdown as they gaily wielded hammers instead of brains and caused 1000 times more mess than necessary.  The finished plastering is, however, superb and plans are in place for the other horrible fitted wardrobe to be removed sometime in March.  Now we know how the partitions were barely fixed to the walls and ceiling the next phase will be much easier and far less messy.

And then we’ve had my dear friend and neighbour Danny - who, at 90+ years old moved today to be nearer his daughter, I shall miss him terribly.   Spent quite a bit of time with him in the last month culminating in a party yesterday afternoon at our house when nearly 30 neighbours all brought a plate or two of goodies to an Afternoon Tea and we had a lovely few hours together.  “All” Management and I did was clean the house and move furniture around but we were rather tired, as you can imagine.  On the upside, I have now have beautifully Spring-cleaned house :-}

And there was the complete sitting room makeover (thanks to the new quilts) which I suddenly felt compelled to undertake before the party - which also included making a load of cushion covers, rather pleased with myself :-}

Oh yes, and our decorator arrived at 8.30 this morning to paint the kitchen walls which reminds me I never published photos of how absolutely gorgeous the units looked when she painted them last September.

And there is always M. and Daisy to look after, and my own health to continue to try and get on top of.

No wonder the computer has been gathering dust.

I've got an awful lot of catching up to do!    Phew . . . . .

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Small inroad into a quilting backlog

Published December 2019 when I finally tackled the photo backlog: