Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Whilst the storm rages outside

Gosh, it is 10 days since I looked at 'Bag End'.  No, I haven't fallen down a deep hole but I have to confess that my "little bump on the head" took rather more out of me than I expected.  Whilst I have not exactly been ill for the last week I certainly have been taking it very easy - a bit like recuperating from flu or a tummy upset.

So whilst the latest revolting storm rages outside, I am going to spend today hunkered down inside doing 'catch up' stuff.  There's been quite a bit going on here;  although I haven't felt like blogging (and there were even a couple of days when I did not log into my email, which is unheard of) there has been gardening, and sewing, and much relaxing and pootering.

Daisy has had a brief walk around the block this morning, which she did not particularly enjoy.  We were both knocked back by a gust of more than 30mph on the footpath immediately behind the house, so goodness knows what it is like on the fells. 

Water is already pouring out of the lonning and gushing down the road, and my little 'emergency culvert' in the Coppice is channeling excess water into the main drain.

The log baskets are full, supper has been taken out of the freezer and is quietly defrosting.  I am going to make another coffee, empty the washing machine and make a start on a small backlog of blog posts which will be backdated to when they would have appeared if I was on top of things . . .

And occasionally I will look at the huge pieces of glass in our windows and tell myself that they are strong enough to withstand the wind :- {


  1. Blustery here but no rain yet. Glad you are ok ,,, I quite like a cosy day inside with a storm raging just as long as it doesn't rage too loud or too long! Very mild again after the frosts of last week. Made some veg soup and a big pot of chilli yesterday so getting the freezer stocked again.

    1. I too like cozy days indoors but the river levels are rising and we really don't need more rain. Mild here too, I'd prefer the snow that America had.

  2. Glad you are OK and have done a catchup of your posts. I may even do one today myself (ha ha). Thanks for the email. Was blustery here too, yesterday and last night with a whopping big thunderstorm early this morning with little rain. Just lots of noise. Hope you don't get too much more rain and look forward to seeing what you;ve been up to with garden and sewing. Take care.

    1. Hi Susan, sorry I haven't been keeping up with other blogs recently. Will stop by yours later and have a good catch up :-}


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