Monday, 11 January 2016

The caravan quilt project

Just putting the tag 'caravan' on some of my quilt-related posts is not as specific a record as I think I would like to create, so here's some more detail.

We thoroughly disliked the shiny brown curtains which came with our Lunar caravan and they were removed fairly quickly.  When I "extract the digit" it should only take a couple of afternoons to make faux curtains to hang in their place which (hopefully) will look homely and pleasant but are not intended to actually draw together or provide any insulation.

The caravan has fully fitted roller blinds on every window and whilst they fulfil their function for privacy they are not exactly aesthetically pleasing, nor provide much warmth (either real or imagined) in the nnn months of the year when it is chilly in the evenings.

I had always planned to make some insulated panels for the windows in our campervan, but that never happened.  Instead I am going to make quilted panels for the caravan and we've had the idea of fixing them up with small magnets which will leave minimal marks on the 'van interior and should make them easy to put up and take down each day.

If I make a note here of the dimensions I need that's one less scrap of paper to misplace in my study:

Bed area:    51"  x  24"
Door:          23"  x  30"      (Assuming I only go half way so as not to obstruct the handle or waste bin)
Lounge:      two @  48"  x  24"
                   one @  72"  36"
Kitchen:      34"  x  19"
Bathroom:   32"  x  32"

And in the interests of continuity, I also want quilts to protect the furniture from a not-so-small Four Paws.

Sofas:     two@  45"  x  50"
Bed:       top only?  72"  x  55"

One of the reasons it took so long to start the project was the issue of trying to decide which fabric to use.  Despite having a stash the size of a small shop, it was impossible to find enough of any one style/design to give a cohesive look in what is a relatively small space.  Which is how the idea of a rainbow of fabrics in patterns which read as relatively plain came about.  Which is why I am on the slog of a production line involving as many blocks as would normally be required for ONE quilt being repeated six or seven times . . . (indigo and violet are likely to be combined and our rainbow will be one colour less than traditional).

You don't have to be mad to work here, but if you are then you will feel right at home.

The colours are 'off' but yellow was finished at New Year, and this week I completed the green blocks.

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