Sunday, 10 January 2016

Fair weather walker

We do not know, and will never know, exactly how old Daisy is.  The best estimate from our vet is that she was about five when we gave Madam her forever home which makes her over eight years old now.  Daisy has grown into a strong, happy dog but she has also aged.  The last three months of wind and rain has really demonstrated just how much, despite being wrapped up in protective coats, Daisy really Does.Not.Like.Getting.Cold.And.Wet.Or.Windswept

Daisy is so strongly bonded to me that, if asked, she would follow me just about anywhere, but that does not mean she will be enjoying herself.  Unlike Ollie, who thrived on a five mile hike every day, Daisy's exercise needs are far less but we still need to get out as often as possible.  Toddling around the houses near Bag End is fairly boring for both of us.   

There has been precious little sunshine recently, and we've just had to do the best we can, sometimes with more success than others.

New Year's Eve on Ling Fell.  We did not make the summit - the wind picked up and Her Ladyship was decidedly unimpressed.  There was not much to be gained from carrying on for the sake of it so we came home and lit the woodburner.

This is Daisy's "My ears are cold, I don't like it and I want to go home now" face.

There have been a couple of dry and bright trips to the beach, but the wind has been strong and cold and Daisy does not like her ears getting blown about.

So lovely to see something other than a leaden, grey sky.

It was equally windy a few days ago on Sale Fell.  I didn't realise the anemometer had switched to recording in Knots, the gust of 30 knots translates to nearly 35mph . . .

Bliss, no-one else about :-}

I don't normally take photos of Binsey but it was so good to see a glimpse of sunshine.

Little Miss Perfect does love playing ball in the garden - which plays hell with the grass (and the laundry).  Fortunately I have no desire for a perfect lawn and I know it will regrow eventually.


  1. Who cares about the lawn! When our dear ol'lady was still alive, she ruined our grass for us - but it regrew each spring. Sadly we are now dog free :( and not looking like we'll have another for a while (we both work silly hours and it would be very unfair) so I live vicariously through other dog walker photos - yours are lovely :) You will have to make Daisy some ear coverlets like horse have :) like theses ->

    1. Oh Hawthorn, if only more people were as thoughtful as you and put the needs of the dog before their own desires. Dogs are pack animals (of course you know this), they were not designed to be locked in solitary confinement all day whilst the owners are somewhere else. Must stop - rant coming on . . .

      THANK YOU SO MUCH for the ear cover link. I actually did a search for these a few weeks ago but only found the ones with net covering the whole head. One of those "difficult to Google what you need if you don't know what you need" moments. Anyway, have placed an order for one today and will use it as a Toile to make a warm fleecy one. Did you know Madam has Pony sized ears - they are nearly 5" long!

  2. I can understand how Daisy feels. This weather is too much for me. Wood burner rules OK.

  3. Thanks for the walk and I'm with Daisy as I suffer from very sore ears in cold windy weather. She needs ear muffs.

    1. She does indeed Susan, and thanks to Hawthorn she will soon have some :-}


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