Wednesday, 20 January 2016

An unexpected day in the garden

Despite my 'bump on the head' LP is still keen to get on when the weather allows, so today he came back to concrete in the base for our next shed, fashion brackets to help support posts (which eventually will support a sort of open roof) and fix loads of brackets onto the fence.  Sadly we won't be using Patersons any more, for months they have had 'personnel issues' (the son who was meant to be taking over the business has walked out) and the chap they have who turns up every now and again to help with installations just does not work to the same standard.  We have had to reattach and repair nearly every part of the work that was done in September 2014.

In need of fresh air and a gentle bit of bimbling, I had a super time in the Coppice.  Not only did it do me a great deal of good to be outside pottering amongst plants but it was HUGELY encouraging and motivating to see that My.Cunning.Plan was actually working and that the whole area could be tidied of winter detritus in less than 3 hours.  I don't think anyone really believes me (and sometimes I do not even believe myself) when I claim that, once under control, this will be a fairly low maintenance garden.  However, the Coppice is roughly the size of many people's back gardens.  If I can get it straight in one afternoon then that's got to be a good thing?

Daisy seemed happy to be pottering with me too :-}

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