Tuesday, 22 December 2015


First things first, thank you to everyone who left a comment or got in touch directly after my Solstice Eve post.  I worried before publishing it that folk would think I was a dreadful curmudgeon, but clearly I have not been misunderstood which is a great relief!  I am hugely moved and encouraged by the lovely things you've all said, and feel a great deal better that I am not alone in my disinterest of the commercialised consumer-fest which seems to start earlier and earlier each year.  It helps me see that it really IS alright to move on from 'traditions' and focus just on what is important to Management and I. 

We didn't so much wake today, more a case of crawling out from under the duvet after deciding there was little point in staying in bed trying to get back to sleep.  The wind raged all night and it feels like it rained most of the time too, certainly the water level is back up and the Derwent had spread across the fields again.

A gentle day but a good start to the 'New Year'.  I took Daisy to Whinlatter after lunch, the first time we've been there in ages, not just since the floods.  The tarmac on the road up from Lorton is in a dreadful state and after the recent rain, water is pouring across the road in several places.  All we need is this to freeze a few times and the already damaged and compromised tarmac will be completely wrecked.

It was a lovely walk, although we did not go far and stuck to a clean and well-maintained forestry track.  In places it all looks so normal, so unlike other parts of the Lake District . . .

In others, not the same as previously; the landslip has been here a long while but the beck always meandered at the bottom of it.  The force of the water two weeks ago has punched through the soil, made a new channel and exposed bare rock.

As I have had a cold for a week and am doing a good imitation of a snotty toddler, aiming for the lovely sheepfold at Aiken Beck was quite far enough.  Thankfully it has survived the recent flood.

Rummaging through the blog archives I found the picture I was looking for - same place on 27th January 2013.  Shows how much stone has been deposited either side of the beck and to what depth.

The sun was dropping as we walked back to the car and it suddenly got very cold.  Fortunately we were both well wrapped up :-}

There was some mildly insane activity when I got home - all this driving down a narrow lane to get anywhere means my lovely white car is anything but white, so I gave it a quick wash.  Whilst it will stay clean only as long as it stays on the drive, this did mean I was outside and witnessed a lovely sunset which did not photograph at all well.

There has also been a little sewing room action, happy day:-}  Even before our dreadful floods I clearly had a need for colour.  Obviously I have been drawn to these scrumptious hues for many years, why else would I have bought so much, but I rarely seem to have used it in my quilts.  But if ever there was a need for brightness and visual enchantment it is now.

The orange blocks for my marathon caravan quilting project were finished a few days ago, the colours are absolutely scrummy but I'm sure I made 24 blocks??  These and the yellow pictures are quite 'off', combination of wrong camera, wrong light.

I have made a slow start on the yellows.   Trouble is, when my head is all bunged up and full of bluuurrrghhhh I know I make bad decisions about which fabric should go next to which.  So I am remarkably relaxed about having done only a little, and happy to spend the time sitting in front of the fire and reading.


  1. Poor you with a cold, though I'm not sure you'd be as bad as a snotty child. Believe me, having 3 with colds all at once is not good. So glad you could get out for a small walk and the photos are lovely, although showing quite a lot of damage. If I don't comment on the next few posts, you know why, but I will catch up. Happy Christmas and take care all 3 of you.

    1. Thanks Susan. Aren't I lucky it's only a cold? So many have much worse to cope with. Got your email, have a lovely Christmas and thanks :-}

  2. The colours in that second photograph look very autumnal. I bet you have some tremendous waterfalls, did you see the photos and video of Malham Cove?

    1. I thought exactly the same thing Sue.

      Yes, saw the Malham video - amazing.


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