Friday, 4 December 2015

Patchy week

The weather has been atrocious this week, with Storm Clogadh dumping goodness-knows-how much rain on us Thursday night.  I went outside about 7.00ish and tried to take some pictures of the raging torrent which had overtaken the little lane to the side of the house.  The water pressure was so great as it spewed out of the farm lonning I could barely cross the pop-up stream. 

the water is about 12" deep on the left

on the right is the wall of our Coppice, normally this is a footpath not a 6" deep stream

(these poor pictures have been subjected to a horrendous amount of abuse in Photoshop but it was the only way to make them half usable)

Earlier in the week I had made a start on the gulley which I knew was needed in the Coppice and there was muddy 'emergency dyke extending' in the dark when it was apparent that whilst my initial bit of plumbing helped, much more was needed.  There was huge relief on Friday morning to see our new paths had survived the onslaught.

Not faring quite so well are the garages and basement room.  Because we live on a slope they are built underground and whatever waterproofing that used to seal the floor from the walls has finally failed.  We've known for a few years that one day we were going to have to "deal with this" and in the new year we are going to have to bite the bullet and have this area professionally tanked and deal with the problem once and for all.

Despite the weather Daisy and I have managed just under three miles nearly every day without getting too wet and it is just so lovely to be outside walking, even if we're not driving to the fells.

In between looking after Daisy, feeding us, keeping us clean, keeping the house clean and spending (probably) far too much time online, this week there has been fabric action.  I decided it was time to "bring out the big guns" and indulged in the delicious colourfulness of my big collection of batik fat quarters. It has taken many, many years to acquire this lot and it is now time to use them.

Not surprisingly, given how long it is since I did much sewing, there has also been a horrendous amount of stitch-ripper, unpicking action too. Not too many pictures of the unsewing.  What was finally achieved is two pillowcase sized panels, and two little 'somethings' which will probably become tray mats.

A couple of hand quilting sessions in front of the wood-burner means the little Ricky Tims quilt is nearly completed.  Not sure what to do with it - too small to be much use to Daisy.    Management suggests giving it to a local charity shop and telling them to sell it as a 'baby play mat'.  I have a much better idea which also involves babies and playing but the detail can wait until it is completely finished.

There has also been a great deal of pondering, and pottering, and general cogitating around fabric.  Lovely :-}


  1. OH! I do hope that the rain eases up soon. The garden looks a little messy, but at least still relatively in tact. We'd love some of your rain, though not any of the wind. It's been very warm again and windy too, which is the thing we don't want in case of fires. Yesterday we noticed some of the farmers are already putting down hay for the cattle again, when that usually happens more toward the end of summer, as it's been a very dry end half of the year. The patchwork is looking lovely and a good way to spend time and thoughts in inclement weather. Take care.

    1. Thanks Susan, it has been lovely to sit and sew again.

  2. Shocking photos Jayne showing just how much water is flooding into all the rivers up there. Lovely to see photos of your beautiful quilting again ,,, stunning colours in your patchwork pieces.

    1. Thanks Jill. I am strongly drawn towards clear, bright colours at present, I suspect it is a reaction to the endless greyness of this Autumn/Winter.


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