Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Not a quilt until it is quilted

I am not going to calculate exactly how long it is since I used my gorgeous APQS longarm machine; cannot turn the clock back so no point in making myself feel even even worse than I already do.  Trouble is, the longer I leave it the harder it is (mentally) to get back on the horse, so-to-speak.  Once upon a time I had absolutely no fear about quilting my tops and generally, I did a damn good job of finishing them.  But so much time has elapsed and I have got far too 'rusty' and out of practice; now I am hesitant, and nervous, and I've lost a lot of the self-confidence I used to have about my capabilities behind a longarm machine.

But I also have quilt tops waiting to be finished, and I generally HATE having UFOs laying around.  Unfortunately, because I am (mostly) a neat and tidy soul all the UFOs are neatly bagged up with their backing and binding fabric.  And neatly bagged up means put away, and put away means I can far too easily forget about them.

Whilst thinking about this (First World) problem I discovered that another Jayne, a quilting buddy in America, was in exactly the same situation.  We have agreed to support each other through the year to get our backlog turned into quilts.  Which is why I spent a couple of hours this morning hanging all the 'culprits' for a quick photo session and what an interesting experience that was.  I found that I no longer need to quilt about half of them.  In some cases it would appear that doing the piecing was enough, I no longer really love the resulting top, and I know from experience if I do not love a pieced top before it is quilted, I am unlikely to like it a whole lot more after hours of quilting.

These tops I still really like and want to see as finished quilts.

You've seen this before, and with a strangely familiar post title :-}  But now these scraps have a nice border and are destined to be a decent little lap quilt. 

The fabrics hanging up will (probably) be used for borders similar to those on the blue quilt.

This is one I really do not want to make a mess of. I did not piece it;  such a generous birthday present from dear J. in St Louis

This has been hanging around for ages, I think it will end up as a backing

Another backing:

Tastes and needs change so nothing will be thrown away but for now some pieces will be folded up, put away and forgotten about.

Strangely, I cannot find this anywhere which in and of itself is not really a worry - it cannot have gone far.  What is more worrying is the idea that if I can misplace a huge pieced backing, what else is lurking in a box or basket somewhere?


  1. I had that problem a while back and used a couple of tops I didn't like to get back in the flow on my long arm. One I just did several versions of all overs and the other I played with the rulers. They made good dog blankets for a friend anyway but I remembered how the Avante works and feels. Probably be a while until I use it again now though! Lol.

    1. You are absolutely right about using tops for practice. My trouble is that if I know something is "only" destined for the back of the car or a dog bed I just don't try the same.

  2. I'll admit to being scared of mine (Bubs) most of the time, but wanting to finish things, I just get stuck with humphing (no swearing) and procrastinating, then on with it. I've way more than you to do and some will go to charity, may sell some (if I can) and keep the ones I still love. I've been quilting since 1977 so have done "lots" over the years and like you just put some away once they are tops. Don't worry, just enjoy. Take care.

    1. Susan, I have no idea how many quilts I have quilted over the years. I do know I have given away at least half of those I have pieced myself, and then there are the charity ones for quilt groups, and those I did when I had a small longarm business . . .

      So really, I have no excuse. I guess I have just not made the completion of those five remaining tops a priority, perhaps now I will!

  3. There's no point in doing the ones you don't like. You'll hate doing them and there's the risk that you'll go off LA-ing and lose confidence in your ability again.

  4. You're so right Sue, especially as I know most of my 'problem' is confidence.


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