Saturday, 12 December 2015

For book geeks

It is good to know I am not the only book geek around :-}

A search on Pinterest for 'old library' brings eye-candy to feed the soul on a grey, wet Saturday morning.

Or this site, which has a doubtful URL but some gorgeous images.


  1. Oh dear, are you a book geek too? I'll take some photos and email them to you of how many bookcases I have. Not game enough to show on my blog. Mine really need to be a little better sorted, but I need to get other things done too. Also have another couple of books I'd really love. I go to the local library to borrow fiction, but my real love is non-fiction which I seem to collect, though I did do a big clearout before we moved here. Sorry this is so long-winded. Take care.

    1. Oh go on, put them on your blog!!

      When M. and I were preparing for our 'big move' up here we had a MASSIVE cull of our books. But I've just walked around the house and there are nearly 30 bookcases . . . again . . . there is clearly no cure for this sickness!


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