Sunday, 20 December 2015

A trip to the beach

Thursday’s walk confirmed that until we either get a spell of dry weather or the bridge re-opens, if Daisy and I are to get enough exercise we need to get in the car.  I am not complaining, because Thursday’s walk also highlights the stark reality of what happens when flood water surges through someone's home.

After breakfast Management and I took Daisy up to the sand dunes at Mawbray and all got thoroughly windswept. We had an hour without rain and the briefest glimpse of sky which, whilst not exactly blue, was slightly more colourful than the endless grey that we seem to have lived under for weeks.

The top number on the anemometer is the maximum gust that session (in miles per hour), the big number in the middle is the current wind speed, and the number at the bottom is temperature (wind chill).


  1. Ooh, I've not seen one of those before, I would find that *very* useful here! Do you recommend the model and if so would you be so kind as tell me what it is? :-)

    1. Morning Wanda, mine is VERY old, probably no longer available but says Skywatch on the side. I keep meaning to replace it with something more up-to-date with additional features. I've settled on the Kestrel range which have the impellers covered and are less likely to get damaged in a coat pocket if the lid comes off.

      No affiliation, bla bla, but I shall probably get one from here

      Hope this helps

    2. Brilliant! Bookmarked, thank you. My husband has been holding out for a wireless weather station but I like the immediacy of this. I'm all about instant gratification. :-)

    3. Another 'selling point' you might enjoy is that I can now, with a fair degree of accuracy, play the "how strong is the wind" game where you stand in a gale and guess what the windspeed will be when you hold the anemometer up.

      Just another useful/useless skill I have picked up!

  2. Will it ever stop raining, I have never seen so much water running down the roads and fields, it's not light enough yet to see how bad it is this morning but oh says we have a large trench down the yard again

    1. Hi Ann, guess you've had the same overnight as us - the wind raged and rain fell all ruddy night . . . again. If I go out this week I won't get as far down county as your neck of the woods, but I'll be thinking of you all :-}

      Still dark here too but I can see enough to tell that the Derwent is up and the fields near the bridge are submerged again.


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