Friday, 11 December 2015

A fresh start

I have loved my iMac since 2011 but it has taken until now to move completely into the 21st century, order the new iPad (although it hasn't been delivered yet) and move onto "the cloud".  I did try back in 2014 and failed miserably but ever the optimist we're having another go.

It always seems to be that I cannot add a new device to the family without the requirement for a major OS upgrade.  Whoosh, off to the world of El Capitan, seemingly without too many problems, although any upgrade like this comes with not exactly difficulties, but "interesting opportunities to enhance my technical skills".

If you're in my Contacts then you should have received an email recently with a new address (and despite thinking I was hiding all the recipients in 'Blind CC' I didn't, so many apologies).  If I've missed you then sorry, please leave me a comment or get in touch via the "Get in touch" widget (clever, huh!!)

Now, those technical difficulties - I could spend far too long faffing about trying to persuade my email to download into Apple's Mail program.  It will send quite happily but seems determined to live in One-Way Streetville for now.  I could also have a little battle importing many years worth of saved messages and a bloated Inbox full of unanswered email, or I could wipe the slate and start again.  Guess which way I've decided to jump?  Apologies to all those whose messages are now forlornly abandoned in a container in a Library file.

The Old Library, Trinity College, Cambridge

I haven't lost all your messages, but it's just too much to try and make it right today; maybe I'll have a go when things are quiet at Christmas.  Yes, it could be argued that I brought this upon myself and now is a silly time to do a major operating system upgrade and move to a different way of working, but hey, who wants to be sensible all the time.

The 'old' email accounts are still live and I will check them from time to time, but it requires logging in manually via mail2web and an interface I don't like so don't bank on it happening with much frequency.

And because you should never start a sentence with a preposition, but the grammar police are off Christmas shopping, here are two completely unnecessary pictures;  however far digital technology takes us, libraries like this are so beautiful they make me shiver. 

St John's College, Oxford

Chetham's Library, Manchester

(Images are licensed for non-commercial use, according to Mr Google)


  1. I was only saying yesterday it would be so much easier if we all still lived in caves and now this morning a 'routine' WP upgrade has crashed my entire site!!!
    Undeterred I have a new mac on order as my current laptop is on its last legs, so I may well be tapping you on the shoulder for El Capitan advice. These days we are all expected to be experts from the get go. Good luck to both of us.

    1. Well I wouldn't rely on me for too much technical expertise - I just spend an awful lot of time on Google, following links, digesting it all for a while, and then searching some more :-} The one thing I'd say to anyone though is get a Firewire drive and make a bootable backup first. I use 'Superduper'.

      Haven't noticed much change in El Capitan yet but it's only been a couple of days (went from Mavericks) other than much improved memory management. Reckon I'm using 30% - 40% less RAM for what are usually memory-intensive tasks (Lightroom, having 20+ tabs open in Firefox ...)

      The iPad arrived this afternoon, early days yet but going well so far.

  2. Aren't you "brave", but then I know you have more technology skills than I'll ever posess. On my PC in the study (the one we've skyped on), they keep asking if I want an upgrade to Windows 10 and I'm scared to do it, as I've nobody to help with 'anything' computer related. This old laptop is still on Vista, but only check email and my blog, so that's OK, and oh, I do have Quilt Wizard on here too. Maybe one day I'll check into the 21st century (giggle). LOVE the library pics, so much. Have a good weekend, enjoy your new system and take care. BTW, how's Daisy?

    1. Sorry Susan, much to Management's surprise I am pretty much completely Microsoft free these days. He's not unhappy - he will soon inherit my old laptop that has been abandoned in favour of the iPad. Even though (as I said above to Jessica) I have to spend a lot of time searching around online I find with the Mac that I actually CAN find the answers to questions and implement them.

      I think you are being too hard on yourself.

      Daisy is thoroughly fed up, we think, and wants to be back on the fells. I agree with her. Fingers crossed, the weather should be getting better after the weekend.

    2. Can I come too? Missing the fells, dales and moors something chronic. Sad aren't I?

    3. Not sad at all Susan. But right now I think it would be a bit too soggy up there .. but when you come back to England I will take you on a real fellwalk, with amazing views. I have a couple of routes than anyone can do :-} No need to be superfit, or have all sorts of gear for where I have in mind.

  3. Technology...can't live with it...can't live without it! The images of the libraries are too beautiful to be real - I could smell the books and wood when I saw them :)

    1. 100% right Hawthorn. And without the technology, we wouldn't have blogs :-}

      One of my caravan plans for next year is a dog-and-husband free trip across to Ripon and Durham ... once a medievalist, always a medievalist.


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