Tuesday, 29 December 2015

2015 Review

It is that time in the calendar when annual reviews seem apropos and unusually, here at Bag End this evening I feel like being conformist and joining in.   It has been a strange year, thoroughly unpleasant at times (the devastating flooding this month following one of the poorest summers we can remember) and extremely positive at other times.

It has been a year when I really did follow my plan to Simplify, even if I didn't write about it much.  Not only have cupboards and shelves been thinned out but considerable behind-the-scenes simplification took place in the depths of chez brain and I am coming out of 2015 a lot more calm than I went in :-}   
(and if you think that's a bit introspective and naval-gazing, just wait until you see what I plan for January 1st).

Working on the premise that history is re-written by the victors, I'm going to pick (mostly) the best bits of the year and hereby decree that 2015 wasn't so bad after all.














  1. Apart from the floods (and the outpatients..) a mighty fine year!

    1. Thanks are to you Jessica, because it was your own review which inspired mine. Seeing how much you had achieved on your house made me realise just how much we had accomplished in 2015.

      Apart from flooding and outpatients, there have been a few 'stumbles' this year which would make it easy to think the last 12 months have been a complete downer, but pulling a monthly selection together shows that is not the case.

      Another great reason to blog? Always cheers me up to look back over past activities :-}

  2. When you think about it, most years have highs and lows. We are all human and have our own feelings and lives, which can be so different to others. Not sure that I could do a roundup and can't believe the weather UK is getting, nor us for that matter. It will be 39deg tomorrow, a total fire ban, fires already along the coast, and probably no fireworks dispaly for New Years Eve. Way too hot for December and yet it won't stop raining for you. Crazy. Thanks for your roundup (and the comment on Hawthorn's blog). Happy New Year and take care.

    1. Happy New Year Susan, and thank you for indirectly pointing me to Hawthorn, loving her blog :-}

      For weather it is a strange year indeed, apparently El Nino is responsible for much of it?

  3. Lovely to look back through your year Jayne ,,, your garden in the summer months is making me long for Spring. I just would like it to dry up a bit although I know it could be not too long before there's no rain for weeks and we have a hosepipe ban! I remember the threat of frost in ,, was it July ,,, and the fleece wrapped tomatoes!

    1. I'm torn here - on the one hand looking forward to Spring flowers and on the other hoping I get the detritus from last year cleared up before the new growth is too far advanced.


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