Tuesday, 3 November 2015


An annual rhythm has developed with our willow fedge, which apart from the ponds seems to be the one feature that every visitor comments on.
July - so much growth and it's only half way through the season.

A half-hearted attempt to try to remember what I learnt with Phil Bradley.  Clearly not quite enough . . . 

A now a whole season's growth has been cut back ready for next year.   I was surprised to see how many of the weavers seems to have died off, there will need to be some rationalisation and tidying up next year, but that's OK, I was planning on doing a bit of housekeeping before the 2016 growth gets out of hand.


  1. I would love to do willow weaving hedge - would need a little more space in my garden! Love the photo of Daisy and the woven cloche :)

    1. Good morning Hawthorn, thanks for your comment. Yes, you do need a decent amount of space. I think Daisy was saying "well that was a waste of two hours when you could have been walking me".


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