Friday, 20 November 2015

Three years

20th November 2012.  Everyone's life changed - mine, Management's but most of all Daisy's.

In the absence of any background or history, poor Little Miss Perfect doesn't have a known birthday, heck - we do not even know how old she is.

It is always nice to do something to mark a significant occasion, and when you live in the most beautiful part of the country going out for a walk has to be high on the list of things to do :-)

Thankfully the rain stopped and we saw blue sky and some sunshine for the first time in what feels like ages although there was a bitterly cold breeze coming in off the sea.  We only walked a couple of miles until we reached a point when Madam made it quite plain that 'whilst it is very nice to be out, thank you, it would also be very nice to get out of this wind".

So we did :-)


  1. Three years now and I actually remember you blogging about getting her, but I'd only just started following a couple of blogs and yours was one. She has done so well, when I think about her journey with you and how much love and patience you've put in. I'm with Daisy on the wind bit, as we went to Phillip Island yesterday and the wind blowing off the sea was bitter. Hope the weather is still fine for you and take care. Love to Daisy on her anniversary with you too.

    1. Hi Susan, goodness, is it really three years? We 'met' at Sue's blog, didn't we? All well here, as I'm sure you've seen in Saturday's blog post :-)

  2. Beautiful sunny photos Jayne ,,, can't believe it's three years since you brought Daisy home.

    1. Thanks Jill, it was wonderful to see the sun for a couple of hours even if it was terribly cold.


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