Thursday, 5 November 2015

Putting a big bed to bed

Even though we have been at Bag End for nearly eight years, the outside space only started to become a proper garden about four years ago.  Looking at past blog entries I seem to have been complaining for the past three years that I never manage to get my Autumn tidying up done and when the following Spring arrives I'm already behind and on the back foot.

Not this year . . . if I end up working outside in the dark I'm going to get this darn garden straight before the next season starts!

I am so determined to achieve this that I made a start on the huge curved bed near the Big Pond at the end of August.  Not such a daft idea given that some of the shrubs were already losing their leaves and the birds had consumed most of the Rosa rugosa hips. I cut back loads of growth and left the rose hips which had not been eaten.

There followed the usual space-time-black-hole-quantum-whoo-hoo that is gardening here, and three months later it was time to finish the tidy up.  The front edge of this bed is about 50 yards long so it is not a small task.  About half of the bed has been heavily mulched with old bark chip, and the rest received a very thick (about 8 - 9") of leaves raked up from the churchyard next door.

Happy Day and a great sense of achievement to actually have a job finished, although in order to say that I am "conveniently" forgetting that the side of this bed which faces the road is planted with a thick row of hawthorn which is going to need a trim during the winter.   However, I am not going to rush into this.  My original intention for this huge curved bed was to have a mixed hedge of various shrubs between us and the road with late-flowering perennials in the space between the shrubs and the edge of the lawn.  The plants have other ideas.

The Rosa rugosa are mounting a Triffid-like takeover in some sections and I might just let them win.  Would it be so bad to end up with a semi-impenetrable shrubbery? By the time it all becomes too dense to fight my way in I might be too old to care :-)

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