Thursday, 26 November 2015

No Bag End view today

The weather forecast was for today to be unpleasant.
The weather forecast was correct.  It was grey, damp, driech and misty all morning, and then managed to rain with considerable unwelcome enthusiasm whilst I was in town this afternoon.

The first time we have walked next to the river since the flood, it wasn't as muddy as I had expected.  At least the river level has dropped since we came down two weeks ago:

11th November -

Another strip of land has been lost to the water, when we moved here the land extended about a third of the way under the first arch of the bridge, and now it doesn't . . .

The flotsam line shows how far the water came.

None of this deterred Daisy who was clearly delighted to be back on familiar ground.


  1. Things have certainly changed re Daisy and water

    1. Thanks Sue. Change is everywhere, in towns it seems to be endless new buildings but rural areas do not stay the same either.

  2. My gosh, the river is certainly eroding along it's banks. I suppose this sort of thing happens all the time in the world, as it is forever changing and has done over a long time. We've had a bit of rain, but after a hot day (33deg) on Wednesday, yesterday and today have only been in the late teens and the wind has been biting and there was even snow on Mt Wellington down in Tasmania, whilst South Australia were having early bushfires. How crazy is this weather at the moment. Have a good weekend, keep warm and take care.

    1. Snow and bushfires? You certainly do have some crazy weather on your side of the planet. Take care Susan, hope you're feeling better.

    2. Well, remember it is a very large continent with a huge variety of climates at any one time. Makes it interesting though. Thanks Jayne, I'm feeling a bit better and nothing wrong.


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