Monday, 23 November 2015

Breakfast guests

On several occasions recently we have had the privilege of watching two red squirrels at the same time.  Trouble is, they do not like each other as much as we like them - they are territorial and do not enjoy having to share the nut feeder.*   There is much angry swishing of tails and it is tricky to get a half decent photo of them together.

*Yes, of course, I am going to get a second feeder next time I am in town . . .


  1. I'm thinking "Squirrel Nutkin" (giggle). They are gorgeous. How lucky are you with wonderful wildlife. We only get birds, but they are so amusing and give us neverending laughs. Take care.

  2. Are they competing with Daisy for length of ears?

    1. Probably - along with seeing how much mess then can make when eating, that is also one of Daisy's 'special skills'


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