Wednesday, 11 November 2015

At this rate we're going to need an Ark.

Tuesday 3rd November - it had been raining for what seems like hours and the Derwent was close to bursting its banks

This isn't the worst photo I have ever published, it really was this murky and I haven't done any post-processing.

Eight days later, it still hasn't stopped raining and shopkeepers in Cockermouth are more than a little worried.  We all remember November 2009 far, far too well.  By Wednesday afternoon I estimate the water level was four or five feet higher than usual.  By the time more water has run off the fells it will be higher still.


  1. My goodness, that is a lot of water in the river. Glad you aren't too close and are higher up. They are lovely photos, although a bit scary. Keep dry and warm and take care.

    1. One day I am going to sit down with an Ordnance Survey map and packet of pens and work out the catchment area for all the rainfall which eventually ends up in the River Derwent. It's going to be a very large area . . .


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