Thursday, 1 October 2015

October is officially "be nice to myself month"

With Christmas decorations already in the shops we hurtle at breakneck pace to that introspective time of year when bloggers, diarists and all & sundry other writers begin to review the preceding 12 months.  I'm no different so look away now if all you want is pretty pictures of Daisy and the fells*.  What follows is going to bore the backsides off everyone and is recorded for my own benefit.

2015 will be remembered for finally breaking the back of the major jobs in the house and garden, hurrah, for finally getting our Lovely Lunar, hurrah, and for me being not terribly well, hurrumph...... 

At the start of the year my back muscles went into spasm which was less than amusing seeing as Management was 300 miles away at the time.  Took a few weeks for that to completely go away.

There was a bout of gastritis probably brought on by taking NSAIDS to combat the muscle pain (below) which scared the cr*p out of me for a few days until we confirmed a diagnosis.  

Then we have the ongoing problem of constant muscle pain, limited range of movement and general things-not-right in my arms and shoulders.   Anyone who has been around Bag End for a while might recall that on and off I've had a horrible time for about the last three years.  Long story massively condensed:   Previous GP was cr*p and didn’t care after I refused surgery for [supposed] calcific tendonitis; changed practice, new GP took less than 10 minutes to identify Polymyalgia Rheumatica (despite my not having all the signs and symptoms).  The miracle treatment for this is Prednisolone and within 4 days all the pain had gone and I was sleeping properly which meant the brain fog cleared and the Energiser Bunny was back.   this did not mean the diagnosis was correct, only that huge doses of steroids can make you feel WONDERFUL.   However, I hate taking prescription meds, steroids are a foul concoction at the best of times and I did not tolerate them at all well, leading to taking myself off them after a couple of months.
One of the many steroid problems is that they play merry hell with blood sugar levels and for someone who is at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes if I’m not careful, This Was Not A Good Thing.  End of this saga is back to nice GP who shrugs and, if I won't take steroids or the exciting alternative Amitriptyline (Google that one if you want some unpleasant side-effects), can offer nothing except physio.  We await an appointment . . .

And to top it all the infection in my knee which, despite my general reluctance to take prescription medicine, could have become something dreadfully nasty without antibiotics (although I will never shake the suspicion that if I hadn't been taking steroids - which suppress the immune system - the infection might not have taken hold in the first place).  Still limping a bit and having to be careful not to do too much.

So, until I get a diagnosis that seems correct, Management and I have done our own research and concluded that painkillers to help me sleep and a good diet are my best [only?] option.  Alongside diet is the [radical and new to me] activity of really looking after myself - putting myself first, letting "The Lists" go to hell and get dusty, and just chilling out.

So that is why October is officially 'be kind to myself month' and November and December might just head the same way!

* I lied - of course there are pictures of Daisy and the fells :-)   On Tuesday Little Miss Perfect and I had our first visit in far too long to Crummock Water.  I have christened the beautiful quiet beach on the Mellbreak side "Solitude Bay" and had the joy and privilege of sitting in the sun for nearly an hour in total peace and quiet.  That definitely counts as being nice to myself!

and now I'm off to sleep in the caravan - just for the fun of it :-)


  1. Oh Jayne, I do wish they could put their finger on what is actually wrong, but then I'm one to know all about 'not knowing' what the hell is going on with my body too. Love the photos, especially the one with the reflection (and Daisy). Take care and let me know how all is going.

    1. Susan, don't worry about me. There are so many people with real, big illnesses to cope with - in the great scheme of things my problems are insignificant.

  2. What a fabulous place Crummock Water is. Enjoy, you deserve it.

    1. Thanks Jessica. if ever you and Mike get up here I am sure Daisy would love to show you some of her favourite routes :-)


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