Thursday, 17 September 2015

The boys have been shopping

Whilst I spent much of the day in a relaxed Tramadol-induced haze, the boys went to a nearby scrapyard and did some shopping.

The sheeting is for our big compost bins.

With a bit more expert welding from Management, most of the posts will become a base for another shed . . .

. . . yes, another shed!  No such thing as too much dry storage in the wettest county in England.  I'm now starting to believe that, this time, LP really is going to move house.  Not content with clearing the garden of all his logs, last week we were the recipients of his garden shed.  "Small" by Bag End standards at 8' x 6' it weighs a horrible amount as it's fully insulated and lined.  There was much sweating and possibly even a little swearing as LP, Management and LP's neighbour carried everything from the drive to the top of the garden.

Next instalment in a couple of weeks :-)


  1. The boys have definitely been busy, what with all that small firewood and now a new/old shed. It's great when it's insulated as no condensation should form after a cold night. You really are getting ready for winter. Hope the arm and body are healing well. Take care.

    1. Thanks Susan. Hand much better now, but have discovered I hit my knee rather hard on the way down . . . rather glad we live in a bungalow.


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