Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Taking things for granted?

I would like to think that I do not take my (generally) very good health for granted but the last week has reminded me to say 'thank you', very quietly, every day.

A severe but not particularly unusual tumble in the garden seemed to have given me 'just' a bruised wrist.  Unfortunately, by Friday lunchtime it was apparent there was a little more damage than first thought . . .   a small scratch which I had not even noticed allowed an evil infection to get hold of my knee and the last week has been eye-wateringly painful and unbelievably debilitating.  Thankfully the antibiotics seem to be working, the swelling is slowly going down and although I cannot walk far without a crutch, I can at least put weight on it and get around a little.

Management has been working at home, and doing all the Daisy-walks, and much of the cooking, and the running around and I suspect both he and Daisy will be as relieved as me when I'm back to normal!

"Bored, Bored, Bored
Why won't Mum play with me anymore or take me for walks?"

Life at Bag End is never quiet and boring, and at 7.00am this morning we had no water.  Which bothered us very little but I am sure it has upset many of our neighbours greatly.  There are some folk around here who really cannot cope with their little worlds being slightly disrupted.  Dear Management zoomed to the nearest supermarket as it opened and came home with enough bottled drinking water to last us a couple of days and we took advantage of the caravan to cook and wash.

United Utilities managed to repair the burst water main (which half blocked the A66 and caused all sorts of chaos) by tea-time.  It was a useful reminder not to take our clean, safe and hygienic supply of drinking water for granted.

And now I shall take full advantage of flowing taps and go and soak in a deep bath full of Epsom Salts.  Limping around with a knee that will not bend throws everything else out of alignment and my hips, back and shoulders will also be relieved when I am back to normal!


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    1. It was an excellent soak, Kathy, and I think did a lot of good:-)

  2. Just on catchup and must pop you an email. Do hope you are on the mend by now and feel lots better soon. I've had a terrible cold with a 'b' irratating cough, so not been near the computer. Loved your photos of the changing view and also of Daisy with her ball. Take care.

    1. Morning Susan, hope you got my email. Things going well here, hope you are feeling better.

  3. Oh Jayne dear, I'm sorry for all the fallout from your garden tumble. I'm so glad the infection was caught and treated and is responding to the antibiotics. Scary that such a tiny cut escalated into such misery. Hope the soak helped. Sorry I've been lax in commenting, but have been religious reading your posts. Mend soon.

    1. Hi Kris, well I have been lax in responding to comments, so we're quits :-)

      Thanks for your good wishes, and yes, it was more than a little scary that a tiny scratch [that we had not even noticed] led to this. But I am mending now, and very appreciative of being able to walk around again :-)


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