Thursday, 17 September 2015

Mildly insane but fun

1.  LP and trailer collect so-cheap-it's-almost-free bundle of waste wood and offcuts from local timberyard.

2.  LP and Management spend half of the day cutting it up and moving it to the log store.

3.  So much fun is had that LP goes back after lunch for a second bundle.

4.  We end up with so much wood that it has to be piled in the veg patch until we can get it stacked under cover . . .

5.  LP then spends best part of a day efficiently and neatly filling builders' bags :-)

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5  =  at least two year's worth of 'small stuff' that burns extremely well.  And yes, I know we've already cornered the market in 'large stuff' when it comes to local leylandii but anyone with a wood-burner or open fire will tell you that you need both large and small bits.

We did this last week.  After Wednesday's 'little tumble', today I ache in places I didn't know I had places.  However, the Gods of Careless Gardeners were definitely watching over me yesterday and in the great scheme of things I've got away remarkably unscathed.   Even so, most of Thursday is going to be spent messing around on the computer 'cos it hurts too much to do anything else :-)


  1. Well done - that should help you get through the winter ahead... ;)

    1. Cheers Dani. Started burning last night - claimed it was for 'medicinal purposes' but in truth it got relly chilly as soon as the sun went down.

    2. I think we've had only two evenings this year when we *didn't* light the fire :-(

    3. Hi Wanda, lovely to hear from your gorgeous part of the world :-) We haven't had the fire on as much as you but I guess there hasn't been a month during the "summer" when the wood burner wasn't lit at least once.

  2. I am so envious of your wood stock. We still have to go and cut our logs into shorter lengths. Silly us didn't cut them shorter before we stored them and so we still have to cut them into shorter lengths before we can burn them. We are changing our open fire in the lounge into a multifuel stove this weekend. We have a multifuel stove in the dining kitchen which we burn every winter and we love it. Hopefully we have enough fuel for two stove this winter and wont have to run the central heating as much.

    1. Morning Catherine, hope you get your wood cut and that the stove installation goes well; isn't it a lovely feeling to fill the log store for the coming winter?
      We certainly find that the central heating goes on much less since we had a wood burner fitted.


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