Tuesday, 1 September 2015

1st September

I continue to be somewhat bemused at how fast time passes these days - all of a sudden it is the first of a new month.  But this month I don't mind, in fact, I'm welcoming it.

After such a weird cold and wet summer, autumn has come early.  There are some trees and shrubs at Bag End whose leaves started to turn at the beginning of August but I chose to ignore that :-).    But we are now definitely at the time of mists and mellow fruitfullness, and moist mornings with dew hanging heavily on spider webs.  I'm glad the seasons are moving on - it is now too late to worry about all the summer gardening tasks that didn't get completed and instead I can focus on preparing the garden for next year.  If 55 is now the new 40, perhaps September is the 'new' New Year?

Until the clocks go back it is still light enough in the morning to not mind waking up around 6.00am, especially when I get to see things like this.

Yesterday at 06.45:

and half an hour later:

Today at 06.30:


  1. Lovely photos Jayne and just think it's Spring here, and I'm another year older. Oh well, the years are passing so quickly, that it's no use worrying about what we didn't do and just get on with what lies ahead. Take care.

  2. Wow, what fantastic views! Our autumn seems to have come a bit early too, but I'm not complaining. Our summer was very hot and I'm ready for a break in the heat.

    1. Not much summer heat here, it's been a strange year.

  3. How lovely. Beautiful pictures. You are so lucky to have such magnificent views to look at. I do actually like September (my birthday month) and all of autumn. We have just come back from a week in the Cotswolds and I got up at 6am most mornings to go and walk in the fields and watch the sun come up and see the wildlife. Wonderful. Tomorrow I am hoping to start trimming back the leylandii hedge at the bottom of our small garden which belongs to the garden behind us. They are taking so much light off our garden, I remember all the trees you had to remove from your garden before you got the view. These people have removed the hedge from the house above us and all along the bottom of their garden but wont reduce the one at the end of our, it must be 12 ft plus. It is because if they remove it we will be able to see into their conservatory 30+ metres away from the end of our garden. I hate leylandii.

    1. Hi Catherine, happy birthday, whenever it is :-) Your holiday sounds lovely.

      Good luck with the leylandii, shame about the neighbours . . .

  4. Thank you for your birthday wishes, it was the 8th and our holiday was fabulous. No luck with the hedge though!!!


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