Thursday, 13 August 2015

Someone's been busy

LP is determined to move house.  We'll see - the relocation plan has been on and off for as long as I've known him so I am not going to bemoan his permanent absence until I see a change of address card.

In the meantime he is in "clearing up his garden" mode which is going to involve dismantling an old log store.  Just like Bag End where one job depends upon three others, first he has to empty it and also deal with all the large logs which have been laying around for years.  As a joke I suggested that instead of cutting up OUR logs to help fill OUR log store for the coming winter, we take his surplus.  He said yes and to my surprise, two days I later I received an email saying "ready for delivery" with this picture attached.

LP had already done a full day's work at a nearby farm when the trailer arrived and I'd not been completely idle (cut back all the strawberry plants, tidied up the greenhouse and cut the grass) so neither of us were in the mood to shift everything to the log store, the furthest away point in the garden. I climbed in the trailer, threw the large logs to LP who stacked them, and we moved the small stuff in tubs.  In 90 minutes we had everything tidy and in true Bag End style who else do you know leaves a gap so as not to obstruct the wasp nest at the bottom of the compost heap?

When time and mood allows Management and I will move the logs to where they need to be.


  1. Now that is a windfall. Logs always welcome - always :)

    1. There were far more than I expected Dani, and will go a long way towards topping up our log store before winter starts.

  2. Well done to LP for thinking of you. You'll certainly be set for the coming winter. We have some stacked up the back and will either use them if we install a wood heater for next year or my friend will benefit from them. We'll see. Hope you're having a good weekend. Take care.

    1. Hi Susan, I hope you get your wood burner, I'd certainly hate to be without ours.


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