Monday, 10 August 2015

Bag End Cam 9

Huge relief over the last few days (and the reason there are so many 'cam' pictures) as we have enjoyed visits from THREE young red squirrel.  With no ear tufts these are this year's kittens and hopefully the hazelnuts they find here will help them thrive.  These are the first sightings for about six months and we feared the worst - not helped by the kerfuffle caused by a rather unpleasant nearby wealthy landowner whose contractor 'accidentally' felled three trees which were not only known to contain dreys but had been recently marked as such by the local Red Squirrel protection volunteers. 

It would take someone with the patience of a saint or the naivety of a new-born not to make a connection between the tree felling and a huge building project that the landowner wants planning permission for (am I cynical to wonder if those trees were "in the way" of his plans?)

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